Brooklyn Lyceum Holiday Craft Market

Shortly before Christmas Brooklyn Lyceum hosted a holiday craft market and I attended on Sunday (Saturday having been the day of the one and only Greenpoint Food Market). There were a few nifty things and I was happy to see some vendors I saw and bought from last year. A photo recap of a few covetous items ensue:

Anarchy in Jar stirs my heart with their plum and strawberry jam, neither of which they had so I settled for the blueberry which actually grew on me as the days progressed and I slathered gratuitously onto my deliciously baked scone.

Sugarbuilt was at GFM the day before and here she was again kicking ass with these amazingly decorated and gigantic snowflakes.

Get lick’d makes awesome organic doggy treats. I was very tempted to stick a sample in my mouth.

Kristiana Parn‘s bunnies hanging off tress and foxes contemplating under the moon are homey, comforting, unobtrusive, and sweet.

Michelle Han’s woodcut prints were beautiful in their layering rich colors of brown, gold, red, blues. Images of birds and trees billowing in peace were a step away from the chaoticism that is our everyday. I enjoyed these very much.

I see these little creature pots from the Plane Jane Project in many of the craft markets that happen here. Their creepy but benign, sad but friendly.

I have a card from Fisk & Fern that’s been up on my wall since last year, I love the wispy line, the shiny and luscious colors of sea and plant creatures printed on notebooks and cards. She also had really cute aprons.

I didn’t note who this vendor was but I love this card, and any image that incorporates food.

This is what my doodles look like, in jewelry form. I love these necklaces by Victoria Strevens, especially the one all the way to the right, it’s EXACTLY how I doodle. Love it.

These tinysaurs were very, tiny.

I LOVE these prints. Absurd, surreal, creepy, crisp, and I especially fell for the images that were (of course) food driven.

Love these fruity shirts from Squidfire.

I was moved by Karen Lederer‘s combination of familiar imagery and the various sources that were tapped into in making these cards and bags. Her website has even more impressive works.

The larger bowls by Yasha Butler reminded me of toilets from Korea. These bring fonder reactions, simple yet emphatic in shape and curvature.

These cases by Aster + Sage are sure cute in their geometric, robotic, futuristic design.

These diagrammatic images by girls can tell are amazing in its handcraftedness and detailed precision.

The vendors at Rubina Design told me the chuck taylor love affair were the most popular. I don’t blame them.

These magnetic spice jars by Gneiss Spice create pretty neat patterns and would accentuate quite nicely on the side of a bland and ugly refridgerator, and save space!

More pics on the flickr page.


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  1. Hi, Just found you when I was Googling myself. I’m glad you like my jewelry, Just wanted to tell you that those designs DID start in doodle form when I was about 10 years old! My notebooks were full of them and only 20 or so years later I thought, Hey, this would look great in metal! The one all the way to the right you love was actually made from the negative parts of the original cutouts and put together. Thanks for the love AND the link to my website! Sweet!
    xo VS

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