International Pickle Day

The pickle festival happened in October in a parking lot in the lower east side and I forgot to write about it. There were double if not more the number of vendors in comparison to the festival in 2008. It’s a sign and reflection of the exponentially growing interest in pickles that I think started in the last half year. I first notice with the oncoming of  McClures, having tasted their pickles and mustard for the first time, which sent shivers down my throat. Then I learned of Ricks Picks, Brooklyn Brine and others in the pickling crew. Then comes all the kimchi extraordinaires such as Mama O’s, Arirang, Mother in Law, and so on. These fermenting and brining obsessed have been the talk of the town this year and this festival proudly hosted an overwhelming number of vendors selling anything from pickles on a stick and PB & Pickle sandwiches to chocolate covered pickles and oodles of uniquely flavored jars.

There are some more pictures on Flickr.

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  1. honestly i’d been avoiding this the past couple of years because the crowds were too big, but maybe i should try again next year

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