Storm King

In the fall I had the opportunity to drive up to Storm King, an outdoor sculpture museum. It was an amazing and humble walk thru with sculptures that ranged in size and style, some blending harmoniously with its surroundings, others clashing so bad my eyes threatened to run away. There was a Roy Lichtenstein mermaid boat floating atop a pond which I found to be quite hideous, a beautiful undulating field of grassy bumps by Maya Lin, way too many welded steel by David Smith and industrial I-beams by Mark di Suvero, bubbly and puppy shaped Alexander Calder sculptures, a quintessential Louis Nevelson hodge podge industrial playground, silent Richard Serras, and a gazebo for two anarchists. A long long stone wall by Andy Goldworthy zig zags throughout the entire center, creepy faces and a tv buddha alter by Nam Jun Paik buds from the ground and Louise Bourgeois’ bubble glass studs and cylinders are cramped together inside.

The best part yet: tiny creepy crawly creatures. So many of them. And, nature. I wasn’t as sublimated as expected but it was a goosebumpy experience nonetheless. More on flickr.



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2 responses to “Storm King

  1. Loved the indoor Bourgeois piece!

  2. Kathy Ferguson


    May I have your permission to post your photo of Siah Armajani, “Gazebo for Two Anarchists: Gabriella Antolini and Alberto Antolini” 1992, taken at the Storm King Art Center, New Windsor, NY? I am creating a website of anarchist women and I have no photo of Ella Antolini. However, this magnificent sculpture could represent her well. If you will grant permission to use the photo, how should I credit you?

    Thank you.

    Kathy Ferguson
    Department of Political Science & Women’s Studies Program
    University of Hawai’i

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