Three Blind Catering

About a month ago two culinary students and I started a catering “company”. It blossomed out of a catering opportunity I came upon, to take place inside an art gallery in Chelsea. The event was in celebration to a new hedge fund company founded by a friend of a friend and majority of those attending were expected to be Asian, or as we like to say, AZN. So these two soon master chefs and I created a menu that was infused with an AZN touch and came up with the following menu:

Ratatouille: Chinese eggplant, crostini

Roasted Pork Spring Rolls: Juniper and star anise with peanut and tamarind sauce

Ponzu-glazed Flank Steak: Asparagus, enoki mushrooms

Pickled Shrimp: Thai basil oil, daikon crackers

Rice Pudding: Lemongrass, jellied lychee, fresh mint

Sounds good no? The menu planning was surprisingly the easy part, these two came up with so many great ideas that were not only delicious but were elegant and pristine in presentation. Coming up with a name for ourselves was pretty easy as well. Three Blind Catering  is provocative enough to keep your curiosity afloat. We spent an entire day and a half preparing and blissfully toiling in the kitchen. We ran into only one disaster, that of burning the rice pudding which was easily resolved by making a whole new batch the day of the event. Overall there was great energy, sometimes chaotic, most of the time smooth sailing, and amazing camaraderie. There are no specific recipes to share here, as the chefs kind of spit it out of their heads, which was nervewrecking for me half the time seeing as how I can’t yet live or cook without them but it thankfully all turned out mouth-wateringly delicious. Now onwards with those pictures:

The flank steak skewers had great texture between the juicyness of the steak and crunchiness of asparagus and mushrooms. This is the first time cooking with and eating mushrooms and I loved their slimy yet chewy consistency.

We purchased a huge log of daikon from chinatown which we cookie cutted into crackers and though I fretted overpickling the whole item the sour factor was mild and was a beautiful dish to present. The doilies were the perfect element to brighten up crackers.

I had a grand time putting together these summer rolls, which I’ve made for another catering event in the past. The shredded pork was phenomenally slow cooked overnight in a blend of spices and beer and the peanut sauce was dappled with our favorite, sriracha, aka cock sauce.

The ratatouille was a hit in my books, especially the slightly blanched eggplant slices which I think would make a great snack on its own.

The rice pudding we made came out so beautiful I was so impressed with ourselves. The layer of lychee gelatin mixed with sliced almonds topped with a mint leaf complimented the base rice pudding so well. We successfully turned baby food into an exquisite dish. Hopefully we’ll have some more catering opportunities coming up, no rush though. The memories of this glorious event will live on for a long while.


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