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When it comes to finding new music, awesome up and coming bands, and local must see shows, I am uninformed. I know less than 10 locals bands, I don’t keep up with who’s playing where and most of my music is downloaded from a dubious Russian site. I steal music from friends who know better and depend on them to take me to shows in and out of Brooklyn. I am far from being a knowledgeable resource for music, and I am sorry about that.

This is where my dear Peter comes in and introduces me to some amazing websites that offer list upon list of new music, awesome music, freely downloadable music.

the whhhat speaks very few words, posting only album covers and a media fire link to save albums. This is where I’ll get OCD and NEED to download EVERYTHING made available to me on this site. I’m starting off with Atlas Sound and I hope to discover more gradually, slowly, at a steady and conscious pace.

effort is hard provides brief descriptions so it’s a bit easier to navigate and offers the same free downloads.

silence magnifies sounds goes even more in-depth with short descriptions of each band. And their website is pretty.

Of course you are most encouraged to support these bands by buying their merchandise, going to their shows, etc etc. But now I feel that much less lost. I now feel like I am part of the in-crowd, those who know a little better about the ins and outs of this magical foreign world that is music.

I feel better now. But I should ask, where do YOU find good music?


My dear Joshua sent me these following links that are just as awesome.

200 troubled teenagers go through tracklists with videos and descriptions to help aid your discovery.

a-fluor is not in english but who needs language when you’ve got music.

a viable commercial focuses on post punk, synth, electropop and new wave beats.

women of the ghetto is your source for reggae, funk, soul, and r&b


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