Craving Chard

Lately I’ve been guilty of eating a lot of junk, not enough veggies. For weeks now I’ve been indulging in a Hershey’s bar or Reeses cup, every day. And on top of my kimchi omelette and apricot scones I have a croissant and coffee at work, every day. These are naughty indulgences and I pray to the lords the habit stops before springtime rolls around and I’ve gotta wipe out a good ten pounds off my stature.

The last two days I’ve been thinking about chard, and how I haven’t had any greens in quite some time. I starting thinking about chard some more, then some more, and it soon turned into an obsessive craving. It was a whole two more days before I got to spend some time in the kitchen. Finally today, with great anticipation, I earnestly chopped my green and sauteed it in a wok with some raisins and sliced almonds.

The end result?

Awesome. So. Fucking. Good.

It’s texture overload. Between the chewy sensation of the chard, the toasted crunch of almonds and mushy sweet-tartness of the raisins, topped with some paprika, s&p, it seems to gratify all my senses in perfect balance. I couldn’t have asked for anything healthier and delicious. And its super duper quick and simple. I hope this craving is contagious and you’ll try some as well.

– bundle of chard, stems and rib removed and cut crosswise 1 inch wide or so.

– oil a wok, sautee chard with a handful of raisins and sliced almonds, sprinkle of paprika, s&p

– sautee until tender, 10 minutes or so




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2 responses to “Craving Chard

  1. I crave greens a lot. I know what you mean. This looks really good!

  2. Looks healty…oh yeah, healthy is good….

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