Secret Sound Space at Cafe Grumpy

I am very proud to announce: secret sound space, an exhibition of works by Greenpoint based lady artists. Each artist has contributed works that explore secrets shared and hidden between living beings, paintings that offer visual interpretations of sound, and documents the everyday with heightened awareness and perspective. Homely, estranged, reflective, and self-conscious, the works at Café Grumpy are brought together to ignite a sense of renewal, offering an alternative on how we approach, observe, and absorb our everyday experience.

The artists are Hyla Skopitz, Rebecca Sherman, Fanny Allie, Carolin Wood, and Soo Im Lee. Cafe Grumpy is located in Greenpoint, Park Slope, and Chelsea. You can visit all three to see and experience the continual visual serenade.

Apologies for the awful images.


Hyla Skopitz

Rebecca Sherman

Fanny Allie

Carolin Wood

Soo Im Lee



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2 responses to “Secret Sound Space at Cafe Grumpy

  1. hk

    k. gotta see more Soo Im Lee’s work please…! Congrats Joann.

  2. Joann

    i knew you’d like her work! we’ll make it hap’n cap’n

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