Reader: Jan 26. 2010

– James Kalm documents the blogger panel at X-initiative, and some comments.

Intro to tennis, indie rock style.

Little City Gardens is a small urban farm based in San Francisco. There are such urban farms sprouting in NY, specifically Brooklyn. But I note this here farm because I like their website, drawings and writing style. Poetic. They are also interviewed here.

– Really cheesy and performative sanddrawing. (via jeff bridges)

Penny de los santos, an amazing food photographer is hosting a workshop.

– I still don’t know the difference between a slow cooker and a pressure cooker. I should educate myself in the kitchen with these devices.

Worse album covers ever. (via jeff bridges)

Pistachio date scones.

Radish: a locally sourced prepared foods shop to open in Wburg. My issues: “seasonal prepared foods” made with ingredients purchased largely from local farms and purveyors” BUT, “It’s going to be seasonal food from around the world”. ALSO, what are homemade items?? They will supply bread made by “purveyors that people know well”. The store was inspired by Marlow & Sons and is convinced Wburg is a matchmade in heaven for this plan: “because of the condo boom, there’s such a flux of people moving here from the city. There’s so much room for good food in this neighborhood,” she says. “I think that having specialty food stores on every block would be fantastic. People want good food and variety and there’s room for a lot more ” THIS IS KIND OF MAKING ME BARF. I am skeptical. They also say regarding existing health food stores in wburg: “You can tell they’re old. They look like they’ve been sitting around, and are probably made in some kitchen in Long Island. That sort of prepared food doesn’t look appealing to me at all; it just doesn’t work for us. It’s important to us that food is fresh and made on-site. People should know where their food is coming from.” This all sounds insincere and opportunistic. I will look forward to Radish opening with a very careful and skeptical eye.

– Fever Ray out gaga’s lady gaga. (via free williamsburg)

Notes and video on the Williamsburg bike lane debate at Jamie’s OCD series at Pete’s. More notes here.

Public artists wanted.

Mushroom thyme omelette with gorgonzola.

– Amanda Stern’s to do list.

– Crazy asians. (via skimkim)

Liza document’s the scrumptious beauty that is Kumquat Cupcakery.

– These are some pretty hot foodies.

Lemon curd tart with olive oil.

Clouds are the new mustaches.

Tea sub. Want.

Tips for better ideas.

Carl Kleiner. AMAZING. ARTIST. LOVE. (via design is mine)


– The 100 best sci-fi & fantasy novels. (via marginal revolution)

Museums should handle their paintings more carefully.


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