Thoughts on Tablet

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I’ve been reading a few blips here and there about Apple’s upcoming tablet. I was pretty indifferent to it as I was with itouch and other devices they come up with. For someone who is rather indifferent and far from being any sort of tech geek, I read this article about the tablet and grew a bit concerned. The device is planned to have all the applications of an iphone and is to be used as a way to read news, books, media, etc. Companies such as conde nast, NYT and the likes would develop templates with subscriber fees to gain access to their publications. It’s a portable reading device that is the convergence of a laptop and iphone.

I will never buy a tablet. I don’t even like the word. It has a crude ring to it. A stone-age savage ring that reflects our current obsession with information, our inability to fully absorb and make sense of that information, harnessing back to an overconsumed frazzled state of uncivilized imbalance. I think the tablet will be unsuccessful and useless, I will just fine with my iphone and laptop. I won’t be receiving wifi in the subway anyway. It’s an excess and as a consumer I feel manipulated and taken advantage of when Apple expects me to pay $500-700 on something I don’t need but will most likely want because it’s going to be the “it” product of 2010. Not to mention I’ll have to pay an extra $200 and sign a contract for data plans. No thank you.

There were some alarming sentences while reading this article. In having successfully conquered the music downloading system, they are essentially “imposing its own will on the music labels, bullying them into accepting Apple’s pricing and other terms. With the new tablet, media companies could be submitting themselves to similar pricing restrictions and sacrificing their direct relationship with customers to Apple…but, they will most likely be “a more benevolent warden of online content, than, say,”. Scary.

Apple as a tyrant superpower is a freakish thought, and we are all buying into it.

I would never have thought to write a blog post about techie devices, let alone have a second thought about it. But after reading this article about content consumption and finding myself constantly struggling with not having enough time to read blogs and websites and process the information extracted, applying it in any productive or useful manner, I’m growing a bit tired of it all and can only see the tablet as an oncoming nuisance.


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