A Few Things Up My Sleeve

I’ve been scheming my ass off the last couple days, brainstorming and planning a few events. I hope you can join me in all:

First and foremost:

Greenpoint Food Market returns February 13th. It will be a love day extravaganza with enough hearts installed to keep you nauseous for days. There will be aphrodisiac inspired treats, a secret foodmirer bulletin board, and a kissing photo booth courtesy Color Me Katie and my dearest Hyla. Also performance by Rifle Recoil and music provided by dj Jimmy T. I am very excited.

Then on the following day is another love day inspired event. Greenpoint Girls Group‘s FUCK LOVE BRUNCH AFFAIR. I really like the invite I made, which is just paper I held with my mouth whilst sticking up my finger and forming a heart on photobooth. All you Greenpoint Ladies, single or tied, come forth and let’s celebrate the death of love. just kidding…

And finally, I am very proud to present Work It Brooklyn. My dearest Aja originally thought of this event where freelance creative types in North Brooklyn would get together and share their skills and contacts for potential gigs and collaborations and healthy competitions. She brought me along and I brought dearest Briana along and we made this baby called Work It Brooklyn to happen February 24th at the Arsenal. There will be stations pertaining to your field (art, dance, graphic design, etc) as well as speed networking (like speed dating but productive and less awkward). It’ll be fun, join us. Add us to your facebook groups too.


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