Goddamn Cobras and Meerkat Media on the Train

Goddamn Cobras are awesome. They are a film collective I met when they shot Pearl and the Beard’s Will Smith medley at the food market. Ever since we’ve been chatting, eating, laughing, planning, what have you. O and they make the best vegan pate and sell them at the market. There is nothing they can’t do. Including, hopping on a train going cross country with a fellow film collective and making a movie about it. They need help funding this project, if you would be so kind to show them some love and support on kickstarter. I guarantee it will be a joyous, raucous of a ride.

From jbls:

The train film (remember, the reason we all gathered to dance?) is chugging along too. We’ve created a fancy page on the awesome website Kickstarter that highlights the $$$ we need, what we need it for, what you’ll get if you donate and allows you to pledge a donation.

Check it out here

You’ll be supporting a truly independent and collaborative film making process with your donation.  We’ve asked for a relatively low amount but could always use more than we’ve asked for, especially considering that post-production isn’t yet factored into our budget.   So don’t let our meager goal stop you if you want to donate more.

PLUS! you’ll get a personalized mix from the Goddamn Cobra DJs! You give us a theme, and we’ll make a customized mixtape (yes! even on a real tape if you so choose), artwork & all. Cuz that’s how much we love you.

Please do help spread the word.
We couldn’t do any of this without your support.



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2 responses to “Goddamn Cobras and Meerkat Media on the Train

  1. American Hustle feels like a satire without the jokes.
    Curt Connors, the man who would be The Lizard, ushered a new kind of villainy into Spider-Man’s life.

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