Trinity Project

There are many reasons to be inspired by Pastor Griffin Thomas and the cascade of events he hosts at Church of Messiah, including FEAST and the food market. I’ve seen music shows and dance performances there. A superb baker makes some yummy foodstuffs there. The local csa is hosted there. Bands practice there. They used to have ping pong tournaments (Griffin, please bring that back!) I get emails all the time from friends who come with some amazing ideas and need a space to host them, ranging from dinner parties (which I’ve done there and it was pretty trippy), dance lessons, writer’s salon, pop up shops, amongst many many others. The church is a gratuitous contributor to the creative community in Brooklyn, specifically adding to Greenpoint as a hub of crazy awesome culture. It’s a place for happenings, the good kind.

And then there’s the Trinity Project. Inspired by the Church of Messiah, a few folks got together and approached a church in Bushwick to turn their unwanted space to folks like us who just need the space to do the awesome stuff we do. They are currently in search of volunteers to put in a few hours to clean up the place to be utilized. Read below, be inspired, come up with ideas, contact the project and make some shit happen.


Trinity Project peeps came out this past Saturday to do volunteer time at Most Holy Trinity and started accumulating hours for future space use. We cleaned out the fire-damaged boiler room in Haggerty Hall and started cleaning St. Mary’s. You can see Amy Maguire in the attached photo, working hard:) Thanks to everyone who lent a hand!

We will be holding another volunteer session this Saturday, February 6th from noon to 4pm, so pull out some work gloves and dingy threads and mark your calendars. Details to come later this week.


The Trinity Project
: Connecting community through creative exchange.

The Trinity Project is a program inspired by an article in the Times about Pastor Griffin Thomas at Church of the Messiah in Greenpoint who has opened up his church for bands to practice in, Todd P to throw shows in, a greenmarket to use, and F.E.A.S.T. to host dinner parties at to raise money for artist’s projects. The article is here

I contacted Friar Santo and Friar Timothy at Most Holy Trinity Church on Montrose Avenue to see if they would be interested in starting a similar program in our community, and they’re down.

Basically, the program is an exchange– unused church space which can be used for rehearsal/performance/events in exchange for volunteer time in community service. I believe strongly that this will help to bridge the gap between the non-artist East Williamsburg/Bushwick community and the arts community. We are organizing the program so that artists who are involved can give back to the community with what they are good at– guest teaching at the attached Catholic school, painting, carpentry, the possibilities are pretty endless. This is an opportunity for artists to have space to work on their projects for free or at low-cost, while giving back to this wonderful area of Brooklyn. The Franciscan Friars we are working with are kind-hearted and generous souls and it is imperative that artists involved are reliable, respect the space, and are down with the idea of giving back to the neighborhood.

If you are interested in putting up a project in any of the spaces that you saw, please send an informal proposal by letting us know:

-Who you are and what you do: a brief description of your lovely self and your arts background.

-What you’d like space for: rehearsal, performance, fundraising event, band practice, exhibition, etc.

-What you’d like the space to be like: how big?, does it need to be open or are poles ok?, do you need a kitchen?

-When you’d like the space: dates, times, some alternatives as well, please.

-What you’d like to give back to the neighborhood:
Do you prefer to work with the church community?:
Carpentry, electric, finishing, hauling, filmmaking, ESL, general volunteering Saturdays from 12-4pm, etc.

Do you prefer to work with the school?:
What would you like to teach?
What age group? (PK-8th grade)
During school? (8am-3pm) Or after school? (3pm-6pm)
What days are you available?

**We are looking for some affordable, or better yet, pro bono web design, as well as some fundraising gurus… just sayin.

*Please feel free to send us your thoughts, ideas, questions, suggestions.

*Please feel free to let us know if you don’t want to receive these emails.

Monica and Megan



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