Reader: Feb 9

– The staff of life is endurance. I will remind this to myself everyday.

Highlights on Michael Pollan’s Food Rules : An Eater’s Manual, which suggests”Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” “If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t.” “Cook.” “Stop eating before you’re full.” “No snacks, no seconds, no sweets — except on days that begin with the letter S.”

– Jenny Kessler teaches “Food. Land. You” at Automotive High School where students get to visit farms and butcher shops and learn the varieties and benefits of learning about food production and consumption. She also helped the school build an organic garden at its perimeter. She is amazing and this article proves it.

– Hitler learns of Deitch’s MOCA christening. hysterical. (via c-monster)

Old Masters are the new it thing, chalking up record breaking auction results.

– I want some chocolate anus for vday.

– What I wrote about iPad a few days ago (which then I thought was just called apple template, duh) is reflected here as well. I’m really glad I’m not the only one unenthusiastic about it.

6 Full of Shit Professions, art critic being #4. (via c-monster)

– Artist and friend Ryan speaks with fellow artists about being artists today. Jokes and inquisitive thoughts abound.

Art History poster

– Looking forward to X’s art fair Independent New York. Mostly intimidated by all the fairs during that week.

Mehretu in her studio. She has very intense eyes.

– Two months of Ethics in Art. From using animals to appropriating images, paying artists and their subjects to institutional rights for artists. Art as unethical is more fun than the other way around, but, how do we determine the fine line between the two? And who is to determine what is ethical and now? Surely Deitch & Koon’s ethics must differ from say, an underpaid or never paid blogger or never been shown artist?

– Are you a puma? via Nicole

– The artist as a failed researcher. “How to research is not taught in studio art classes, but it is a skill artists in the accuracy trade need to acquire.” Really?

Artspeak is complicated.

A director’s grudge: “My day starts at 8 in the morning. I have meetings through the day into the evening and very often dinners and benefits at night. This is nonstop. You go for every half hour, every 15 minutes, from one curator coming in to talk about an exhibition or an acquisition to one or two people discussing a donor issue or a fund-raising issue. . . . It’s like a marathon.” Run Campbell Run.

– Loving these paper cuts by Charles Clary.

– I heart sketchbooks.

Fixed bike gymnastic dance. wow.


– So, shouldn’t Seghal’s show be banned, for all those artbloggers and sites that don’t list or visit galleries not allowing photography? What’s the diff?

– Looking forward to Dalton and Powhida’s #class. I’ve been thinking of ways I might be able to participate but feel too dumb as an artist.

art boobs.


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  1. that art history poster is genius. why did i bother with college?

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