Dos and Discoveries

– My dearests Ali & Lauren are two of over 70 artists participating in the inaugural show at Flux Factory’s new space in Long Island City. Workshops, kitchens, bathrooms, nooks & crannies are all considered as artists take over the space and utilize every inch with full intention and careful havoc. Opening is Feb 19th and will run on weekends thru Mar 21st. Be there!

– OK, Chocolate Bobka makes these bobkasts. They are mixes with amazing titles. One song seamlessly leads onto the next. So far I love bobkast #14 titled Crazy Train, Sexy Train, Get On the Disco Train. I’m working on downloading them all right now. I suggest you do as well. The guy is also just a super duper knowledgeable expert when it comes to music and a smart dude with the eloquence of a journalist (I think he is a journalist, we’ve met from a freelance stint on a local newspaper). Check this article on blog rock and the assumed indifference of politics in music today. “If an artist, any artist, wants to make a statement, be it political, or just to start a dance party, the democratization of the tools needed to create allows them to do just that…Why rage against the machine, when you can organically build a “new world” within America outside the status quo? A social revolution unconcerned with Abbie Hoffman/Black Panther antics and more concerned with treating people well would be incredibly more effective than barging the New York Stock Exchange or Congress, or a bunch of privileged NYU students taking over the library. It’s cliche, but the treat your neighbor like you’d want to be treated analogy is apt. And in this day and age, treating people with respect and dignity is about the most political thing you can do.” Love.

Google Buzz and how it can contribute to the social web. I am yet to get my head wrapped around the thing.

Recipes for Romance and On Aphrodisiacs. Did you know cherries decrease sexual arousal in women? Who woulda thought! “chocolate’s reputation as an aphrodisiac is highly exaggerated…male sexual response was heightened by the scent of doughnuts only if it was combined with licorice, not exactly a standard pairing…the most important sex organ lies between the ears…Garlic contains an amino acid that enhances blood flow and could augment erections…Asians consider the smell of cheese to be hideous, yet westerners regard it as anything from comfort food to sumptuous indulgence (hahahahahahaha. it’s true!)…body odor plays a powerful role in human attraction…The nostalgic recall triggered by odors, known as the Proustian Effect, has been embraced by some chefs who believe that eating should be a full-sensory experience, involving taste, smell and even sound.”

– I discovered a new food blogsite. Immaculate Infatuation is a collection of restaurant reviews written by two cute guys in the music industry. They are indepth, personal, informative, and recommended. There’s a Perfect For category list to nitpick for the right vibe for your mood. Unfortunately, the restaurants are mostly based in Manhattan and don’t indulge in food porn images, but serves as a resourceful guide when you want to venture out to the overwhelming slew of choices made available in the city.

Food, Curated is at it again, this time highlighting Dickson’s Farmstand Meats, located inside Chelsea Market. Collaborating with small, sustainable, local farms Jake Dickson maintains a relationship with all his animal providers and can tell a story or two behind each piece of meat displayed at the shop. In the video he recommends eating less meat and experimenting with cuts you are unfamiliar with and to not be such a recipe nazi and taste the wonders of veggie fed meat. There is also a post on Jake’s recommendations on how to explore the whole animal with helpful substitutions such as trying shoulder tender instead of hangar steak, spare ribs for baby back, and chicken steak for filet minion. The butcher in the video is cute too.

– An interactive map of Flushing, Queens focusing on Chinese cuisine. Is there one for Korean food? Represent Queens she was raised out in Flushing.

Nate Duval is a graphic designer and artist that’s made all the posters for Brooklyn Lyceum‘s craft markets. I’ve loved every single design he’s made so far for them, collecting every single one so far tacked to my fridge. Subtle colors, shapes and lines that simultaneously pack a dose of packed imagery, vintage vibes with stained paper effects, washed paint, rigid portraiture depicting surreal dreamed up characters, I would love to get my hands on some prints.

Looks like he’s done many concert posters from bands ranging from Vivian Girls to Wilco. Although I love the psychedelic tone of some images, layering shape atop figure atop shape, I especially love the jittered lines used to create patterns of abstraction, geometric shapes taking on a breathing life squeezed onto a single picture plane. He also keeps a blog. Did I mention my bday is coming up? wink hint wink hint.

– Did you know today is Inventor’s Day? In honor of Thomas Edison and the likes, L Mag features 12 phenomenal fictional inventors. Sweet.

Food, Sex and Giving as basic pleasures towards happiness: “one thing that can make a lasting difference to your contentment is to work with others on a cause larger than yourself…busy but reluctantly undertook some good cause because (sigh!) it was the right thing to do. Then they found that this “sacrifice” became a huge source of fulfillment and satisfaction…altruism carries its own rewards…” Eating and Sex is a selfish pleasure. “The implication is that we are hard-wired to be altruistic. To put it another way, it’s difficult for humans to be truly selfless, for generosity feels so good.”

Art and Contemporary Critical Practice: Reinventing Institutional Critique is a collection of essays exploring institutional critique as practiced in the 60’s and 70’s and how it affects current practice. You can download it, for like, free.

Future Farmers is an art, design and food collective based in CA focusing on projects that encourage and instigate social, political, and economically sustainable systems of production and consumption, visual or material, conceptual or edible. They have a residency program bringing in artists developing projects that support environmental research and exploration. The folks behind Future Farmers range from designers to pollinators, activists and positive change makers. I want to be their best friend. I also love their cute website.

– The Groundswell Collective is “dedicated to critical cultural production at the intersection of art and activism”. Utilizing social organization as a means to create art work, solo and collaborative, I am especially loving their informative blog covering all aspects of political and activist induced art that is never offputting, one sided or unproductive. Asking themselves “How can we weld visual communication to social justice?” the collective participates in creating a myriad of works “done in pursuit of a more humane and libertarian world, and which claims that notions of freedom and ethical conduct are most poignant when communicated visually.” I love their manifestoesque approach, the last sentence reads: “We are creating this world and dismantling an old one, for what better way to build a new world than in our hearts!” Amen.

– The Journal of Aesthetics and Research is an ad-hoc collection of activist-savvy articles covering food justice, notes on art and class, protests, art and anarchism (very related in my world), gleaning, and an organic food movement in Madrid. It’s in-depth, informative, a bit all over the place but a great learning experience. About Coop 57: ” The impetus to start Coop 57 was to create a financial instrument that would help cooperatives and social movements to self-finance without the need to turn to traditional banks, with the main principle that money should simply be a tool to realize activities (whether these are productive or not) and not an end goal…We want to recover the culture of the farmer as the base of the ecology; to maintain and improve the Earth’s wealth, to live with little consumption, to conserve old methods without resigning to modern techniques and to maintain the Earth and our work as a school for life…Within the project people start to think that it is possible to undertake projects outside the market.” About Food Justice: “A de-emphasis on buying food through standard consumer channels is revaluing urban agriculture, local food and the social act of cooking and eating. Whatever their long term impacts, these local/ slow/ sustainable food efforts bring a welcome thoughtfulness to the relationship between cities and food , reversing an amnesia brought on by industrial food systems…The food justice movement provides a useful correlary to middle/upper-class local/ slow/ shared/ sustainable food efforts. They have similar goals – better food – but food justice has a more explicit focus on distributional equity, ensuring that people without much power can access and afford good, healthy food…Efforts to improve access to healthy food underway in L.A. include: attracting new food markets and converting corner stores to offer more healthy food ; banning new fast food restaurants in south L.A; reforming school food and creating a food policy council for the City; thinking about illegal but ubiquitous street food vending as a source for produce; linking transportation, land use, and food access policies ; creating edible landscaping at affordable housing, schools and other public spaces …

– I’ve already mentioned trade school before, put together by our goods, hosted by grand opening. Trade School is a series of classes everyday thru Mar 1st that allows you to learn anything from composting to discussing art and labor, learning about Baudrillard to business class for artists. Payment is via bartering only, which can range from bringing chocolate for the class or teaching the teacher a skill he/she may request. I love their colorful easy to read website palate, the concept of artist run DIY approach to production, support, consumption and sustainability. Artist anarchism all the way.



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  1. Liza

    Great great great list Joann! I always find the coolest info on your site. Thanks for adding my latest to the mix! Can’t wait to do a video on the Greenpoint Food Market Vendors!

  2. Rhanks for the shout out, miss!

    I’ll burn the Morgan Geist album for you – it’s amazing and every track is as funky as your fave!

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