My doppelganger Jo ann Kim

I officially have a doppelganger folks. Jo ann Kim (so bizarre to see my name spelled like that) sent me an email this morning to say she is “a mid-twenties, picses, korean artist who loves crafting, biking, blogging, tanning, cooking- esp. baking, and lived in California- specifically Los Angeles her entire life.” She ended the email with “are you my doppelganger from the east???”


Her website Super Nova Warehouse shares her wonderment in the art and food realm, just like mine. There’s a deadpan humor in it, just like mine. I believe SNW is an art collective and they had a show in Pasadena. I’ll find out more.

I think I need to jump on a car and drive over to LA to meet this presumed twin sister from another azn mother.

Love it.


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One response to “My doppelganger Jo ann Kim

  1. hk

    wow. I want to meet her. You know I grew up in LA!

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