Reader: March 5, 2010

cute bunnies. local bunnies. painted bunnies. dead bunnies.

– AMAZING video by OK GO. via emily

David Lynch on George Lucas.

– Hirst’s Cineole, in cupcake form.

Food-as-Art is indeed, a trend.

Pies n’ Thighs needs an evening baker.

– A chef and his rants are pretty hysterical. A bit too ranty, but rich in verbal diarrhea. His recent radio show Ground to Table features author of Lucid Food.

– A great website to find a yummy place to eat.

– A super informative and nourishing website.

– ‘Skin Fruit’, curated by Mr. Koons, with works from the Joannou Collection, that has caused massive drama over the last couple months, seems to be a painful show and would put Tucker to shame.

– Artfagcity on Armory. My recaps of it all to follow after Sunday.

Site Fest this weekend!

Jamie Hook of OCD celebrates his birthday by talking about pigeons.

Paulie Gee opens Tuesday! can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!! “Hipsters in Greenpoint? OO yeaa they’re there. They ride bikes? OOoo yea they ride bikes. That’s who I want to eat my food. I want them remember this experience.” Paulie Gee. I LOVE you.

– According to Pollack, 2010 is tame. According to Saltz, it’s anti-blockboster, in a good way.

– The guards at the MET are showing THEIR work at 25CPW and it looks amazing from this slideshow.

– All about grass-fed beef and sustainable food. Love the blog name.



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2 responses to “Reader: March 5, 2010

  1. I LOVE you too. I open TUESDAY though.

  2. Joann

    Fixed! See you Tuesday Paulie Gee!

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