Reader: March 6, 2010

Brucennial, the “most important survey of contemporary art in the world…puts the 2010 Whitney show in the shade, making its roster look like a list of strivers still outside the blue-chip loop.”

– How to clean and season a cast iron skillet.

– My new favorite Greenpoint website.

– Cody opens Cafe Royal today. Check it.

Brooklyn vs. Manhattan. I will offer my two cents about this in an upcoming post. I am currently battling between the two boroughs. In the end, one cannot be compared to another. They are two completely different lifestyles, despite their close proximity.

– Too bad I missed Brooklyn is Burning at PS1.

– The New York Times photo blog, Lens, is a visual/political/cultural stimulant, an inspiring and beautiful collection of scenes from all over the world, both celebratory and in turmoil.

– I am falling in love with Amelie all over again. I covet her apartment.

– Tracy of Sweet Tooth of the Tiger on Brooklyn Based.

– The Armory was livelier than not.

– Find a local cheese CSA near you.

BEAUTIFUL article on Notorious BIG’s culinary rhymes and how it’s the got writer to become, a food writer.

Cooking mag for dudes.

Shit talking and sausages from Greenpoint.

– On Whitney Biennial. And another. I have nothing to say until I actually attend. Also, about the show being half women artists, but I find a condescending tone in this article and is disturbing me.

– Marina Abromovic’s home renovations. “Sean Kelly, her Manhattan gallerist, sells photos of her performances for between $40,000 and $350,000, which has helped finance her renovations…I don’t have time for flowers.” I find this a bit ludicrous.

– A final kiss at the airport gone terribly awry. Hysterical.

Klee chef makes cheese out of his wife’s breast milk. “Some people who clearly have issues have . . . e-mailed me saying, ‘I wasn’t breast-fed as a child, so can I taste your breast milk?”

– I’ve seen these posters in Chelsea and was curious. Hyperallergic finds the answer.

Farmer’s market on a bus.

Robots serving and cooking food. Creepy.

Is this art?

Gecko-adhesion technology. He taped his daughter with it.


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