Reader: March 16, 2010


– Speaking of which, my dear Megan, THE essential beekeeper is teaming up with BK Farmyards, helping them host three hives and is also providing her services to anyone looking to starting their own and maintaining a glorious flow of honey. They’re also looking for volunteers if you’d like to learn in action! Check here for more details.

– My dear Yaara directed this music video by Ayler Young. The song is a bit cheesy but the dream girl is beautiful. The cinematography is dreamy, that’s for sure. I want to be there basking in warm sunlight, partying with masks and campfires, laying on a hammock with a beautiful girl laying on my lap. haha

Greenpoint Open Studios artist Chris Clary is participating in ABC No Rio‘s seventh Biennial titled Ides of March, opening this Friday. He’s given the new space’s toilet a makeover.

– Brent’s hysterical review of Brucennial, Part 1, Part 2,  one piece at a time.


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