Support Above Ground Episodes

Artist and musician Joshua Wise has started a project called Above Ground Episodes. Combining elements of sound, art, and video he will create limited edition LPs with hand designed covers alongside DVDs of instrumental music and experimental visuals including paintings and live performances. The project is an integrative means of artistic experience, combining multiple sensory receptors to engage and enrapture an audience.

The project is yet to come to fruition, it needs funding for such an adventurous and promising project. The kickstarter page goes into detail about how this project will be produced and what they need to make the magic happen. There are 16 days til a couple thousand is raised. I highly urge everyone to take a moment and donate $10, or $1000, to this beauteous project. The $10 alone will guarantee you a copy of these LP’s, which I look forward to receiving and experiencing. I’m curious to know what the live performances will be like, combining music with video. I should suggest to get some food in there as well. Ha

Joshua is a member of the band French Kicks whom I love and know through a dear friend. The recording sessions for the project will be held in the band’s studio in Brooklyn. I’d love to be there just to see it all happen in action. A non-performance performance.

Below is a video teaser. It’s creepy and sexy at the same time. Hopefully you’ll donate your time and money, surely you won’t regret it.


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