Reader: March 22, 2010

SXSW review. Interesting to think performances are the only means of financial sustainability for a band now that albums are near extinct.

This is unfortunately irrelevant to me.

– Improv Chat Roulette. He needs to do more of these.

This article is on point in so many ways but also slightly irritatingly stereotyped. My mother doesn’t speak a word of English and I attend my sister’s parent teacher conferences, interpreting for mother, taking on the authoritative role. This program of providing interpreters is super helpful and is a sure way to bridge the communication gap. It only highlights the Asian population which has soared to 70% to Stuyvesant, the much coveted ridiculously competitive public high school, and highlights how students/children are challenged by parents who are OBSESSED with their children striving to be THE BEST, blinded by this idea of turning their children into obsessive math problem solvers. These Asian parents are disillusioned by equating happiness and success to nothing more than pure wealth, straight up neglecting social, physical, and mental growth of their children. Hence these Asian smarty pants are more often than not puny, geeky, anti-social, awkward, and boring. I know plenty established professionals who are Asian, went to the best universities and graduated at the top of their class, own some company or another making shit loads of money and THEY ARE MISERABLE. They don’t know how to interact with their peers without coming off as some social delinquent, they are SO confused by having achieved great success, and not knowing what the next step might possibly be. They’ve been brainwashed to believe this was the top, endlessly striving to be the most successful and drowning in a sea of wealth. And once they reach that top, they are clueless as to how to go forward. It’s the end from there folks. And those special Saturday schools and private academies are all useless money sapping phonies. I worked in them for few years and they are all so deceiving and does little other than creating massive amounts of unproductive pressure. This quote is hysterical and totally inappropriate: “Those trying to solve the frustrating shortage of black and Hispanic students who score high enough on Stuyvesant’s entrance exam might start by taking a look at whatever magic happens in those Chinatown Saturday schools.”

– Visitors react to Marina. I look forward to goosebumping myself.

– Scarface Pretty Tony

– Who has time for deep discussions? It would be fun to end every conversation you have with “Is this a deep discussion?” What the hell qualifies a deep conversation? Taking about weather can be profoundly deep, if I say so myself.

On Ken Price and Josef Albers: “Its overarching theme is that abstraction is reality-based, distilled from lived experience, and actualized through highly personal approaches to process and materials. It’s a lesson in life as much as art.”

– “Reperformance is the new concept, the new idea! Otherwise it will be dead as an art form.” Perhaps performance art be not distinguished in ethical sense from dance, theater, opera, music. The concept is written, and can be performance and number of times.

Greenpoint Food Market‘s very own Bacon Marmalade, featured by Food, Curated.

Powhida‘s #class at Winkleman gets a review on NYT, shout out to Amanda! The more on Powhida.

Serenading the homeburger.

Ruth Bourdain, on twitter. And his/her interview. LOVE THIS SHIT!

– Cinema 16 runs an amazing series of events with film and live performance, resurrecting the communal film experience throughout spaces in Brooklyn. They recently had an event at Coco66 which I unfortunately missed, but I would not second guess supporting their kickstarter drive so they can continue to develop their series.

– Is this really his logo? barf.

– I’m sorry I missed the ridiculous but inevitably hysterical Art Handler Olympics.

Is this for real? This is like me looking for an assistant to enter all the gallery shows I need to see into a excel sheet not paying him/her to do the gruntwork required to blogging and organizing events. hmmm…

Hipsters on food stamps buying organic ground beef and triple creme. I swear to god some of these well endowed unemployed folks are spoiled brats!

– Walking in to Skin Fruit with a flaccid dick.

Bad Times for Good Art.

art21 is looking for freelance bloggers. oooOOoooo. But, does it pay? Question of the day.



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4 responses to “Reader: March 22, 2010

  1. sven

    joann did you mention here you were into this artist?
    to you and anyone interested i saw this job posting.
    kinda stressful job but i’m sure people are looking.
    Studio Manager
    Fine Art Studio
    (Brooklyn NY)
    Wangechi Mutu Studio, Inc., a fine art studio operating in Brooklyn, is currently seeking a highly organized and motivated Studio Manager to bring the operation to the next level. This individual is expected to possess the following skills and qualifications for consideration.

    The Studio Manager will be responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations of a working artist studio, managing its staff, and liaising with respective galleries and institutions. Individual must have excellent written and verbal communication skills and a professional demeanor. A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in Art History, Fine Art Management or Business Management is essential. Must have documented experience in managing an artists’ studio, gallery, artists’ cooperative, or similar experience in a related field with knowledge of contemporary art.


    •Work directly with the artist, as well as the lead artistic assistant and studio members to ensure open communication of overall studio production.
    •Liaise between galleries and collectors in the best interest of the artist in a timely fashion.
    •Supervise the creation and maintenance of an image archival system for all artwork made to date.
    •Manage and maintain monthly and quarterly payments on fixed business expenses including Studio Insurance, Workman’s Comp, and Disability.
    •Manage budgets, track income and expenditures, account for petty cash transactions and track and report employee hours.
    •Work with artist to determine materials and office supplies and purchase as needed.
    •Coordinate internship projects for the studio needs and hire accordingly.
    •Coordinate travel arrangements for artist and companion/s, and be available to occasionally travel with the artist for lectures, exhibitions, and special projects.
    •Additional studio tasks include: opening & sorting mail, fielding phone calls, scheduling messenger pick ups and deliveries, and other duties as needed.


    •Must be superbly organized, posses strong communication skills, and greatly detail oriented.
    •Must have leadership and comprehension skills necessary to work closely with artist, respecting artist’s schedule, and supporting artist’s priorities and vision.
    •Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite, Photoshop, FileMaker Pro or Artbase, and Quickbooks.
    •Ability to write artist statements, press releases, and edit as needed.
    •Hardware and software troubleshooting skills with Apple equipment and accessories.

    Annual compensation will be competitive and commensurate with experience. Hourly rate starts between $15-$20 with a trial period. Rate of pay thereafter is $20-$25 per hour for 3-4 days per week and an annual bonus based on performance. Anticipated start date: April 5th

    Send resume and brief cover letter to


  2. Joann

    Oh. My. God. Wangechi Mutu is one of my most coveted artists of all time. Shit. I wish I could take this job…. I will passed it on for sure though. Thank you so much sven!!

  3. Joann

    plus, i am very sad to see she is no longer showing with sikkema jenkins. very sad.

  4. sven

    starting salary is way low for such a big job but would be good for the right person.
    what makes sikkema better for her than gladstone in your opinion?

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