A Room of Her Own

Speaking of apartments and solitude, artist Wenjie Yang is currently working on an ongoing series of photographs depicting women in their homes. Virginia Woolfe preposterously demanded a space where writing and thinking could be done, for women, outside of man. A Room of Her Own celebrates this independence, which in today’s time is an absolute given, with no doubts, ifs or buts about it. As Yang states, the series “is meant to show the complexity of an independent woman’s life: her moments of reflections,  her moments of joy, her moments of sadness, her moments of contentment, her moments of anger, her moments of liberation in her own space, etc….  Having your own “room,” is like having your own universe, where everything in this space is under your power.  For a women, this can be a very empowering experience. This project is meant to capture the different depths of such a life.”

Formally speaking, the artist incorporates solemnity with reflection, solitude with sobriety, figure with space. When she came over to photograph me, the first thing she asked was what I wore to bed. Of course I whipped out my lingerie which I haven’t worn in years and just doesn’t fit the way it used to. She directed me spots where mirrors and windows cast doubles and reflections of myself and without being told I went into a state of singularity, not to be mistaken with some kind of lonely depression. It was a kind of celebratory experience, that yes, I do have a place of my own where I can sleep, pee, and work in peace (albeit with slight interruptions from roommates) and am not confound to a delimiting formula. It was quite invigorating and greatly appreciate the aesthetic of these images. The subtlety and vibrancy of color does not distract from the expressions of these women’s faces and figures. The body here is as much a room as her physical dwelling.

If you’d be interested to participate, shoot me an email.

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