Reader: April 2, 2010

Wait What brings Notorious and the XX together, ridiculous. I saw them the other day at Webster Hall, and it was a pretty good show. The light affects made it that much more exciting. Plus the dude’s black short sleeve turtle neck, slicked back hair and double silver chains. Plus the fact that they both have heavy lisps. Otherwise it’s a fist pumpy as a droning zombie electro beat band can possibly get.

Where have all the vegans gone? Yes, meat has become the face of culinary social consciousness.

WANT this dress from newly opened Convent in LES.

– Going a bit too far with dirt tasting.

– Moby’s top five resto picks…Port Authority reigns supreme…Also, his Sunday routine.

– My dear Yaara directs another music video, Two Pretty Girls by Charisse.

5 steps to greener flying.

– Google launches bike map and directions. Awesome.

– No underwear subway ride. April Fools but still funny.

– Sweet mixtape of the month by Rollo & Grady.

– And another sweet mix from Ears of the Beholder.

– Toumani Diabate at Black Cab Sessions.

– Can’t wait to try some Fatty Cue.

Treadle water pumps in India gives opportunity for more crops.

– TV theme medley. He’s handsome.

Amanda’s chevron to blanket a home in Greenpoint.

Downtown BK will get an art lift for the sake of investment.

Young Me / Now Me photo contest. Hysterical, cute, heartfelt.

– The old Greenpoint Coffee Shop will be turned into Garden Spot with a backyard, to open June 1st. Can’t wait!

– A vet hospital in Greenpoint is a HUGE deal. Yay!

OMG. I want. I’m going to Brook General Store tomorrow!

– Williamsburg Art Gallery Map.

Ryan Britt will write a story a week, set in Brooklyn. Hopefully Greenpoint will be included in the mix!

30 days without sugar. I feel your pain hun, I feel your pain.

– Make your own animated gif and post on I am Not an Artist. Awesome. (via BK Embecile)

– All the President’s pens.

Behind the commandments: Moses’ Untold Story.

On being a female porn writer.


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