A Colicchian Dinner

A few weeks back my dearest Olivia sent me an unrefusable dinner invitation. It was for a dinner cooked by none other than Tom Colicchio at her sisters house in the upper west side. My eyeballs dropped upon reading this and packed my camera to attend the potentially life changing opportunity. In the coming days I fantasized about sharing my food stories with Colicchio and his becoming so engrossed and passionate in the local food scene in Brooklyn and egging him to open a spot in Greenpoint, run by me. I also imagined his falling head over heels with not me personally, but what I represent, and financially supporting every event and venture I take on. I am a girl of many daydreams.

So did it disappoint us when the man didn’t show up til after dinner was over, an orgasmically delicious meal cooked by Craft’s sous chefs? Yes. We pouted and mocked and made sure he’d feel awkward when he walked in the door. How did such an event come about in the first place? Well, Olivia won an auction item a few years back for a Witness benefit which involved Colicchio cooking a meal for you and yours in your home. That’s it.

The ultimate highlight of the evening, aside from Colicchio being really awkward in the beginning but eventually hangin’ with us young folk drinking and more, sharing stories between Top Chef and being a multi-restaurant owner, answering our twenty plus questions, was the food itself. It was glorious. Absolutely fantastically delicious. Every single bite was harmonious, flavorful, complimentary, savory, and sweet. Chris Parks and Melaine Firth were the chefs behind the meal, sous chef and line cook for one of many Colicchio restaurants. Here’s what I consumed:

Beet salad: pickled beets, tarragon, beet vinagrette, beet chips

Stinging Nettles Agnolotti with streusel and vincotta

Octopus braised with pickled jalapenos, shallots, fried speck, micro cilantro, and harissa creme freche

Bibb lettuce salad with smoked egg vinaigrette, red pickled shallots, red wine pickled hard boiled eggs

That was just starters. The main courses:

Cote de Beouf with Bordelaise Sauce

Pancetta wrapped monk fish with balsamic shallots

Hen of the Wood mushrooms with fine herbs

There was also brussel sprouts with smoked bacon and acorn squash with cane syrup and banyuls vinegar but I forgot to take pictures of it.

And now for dessert:

Pear Tartin

Coffee and Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Tart

his highness

I was BEYOND full and gratified by the end of the evening. Colicchio left as awkwardly as he entered. Sure he was obligated to show face and I expected him to say his hellos, bid his greeting and jet out. But he hung out with us, shared his stories, drank his champagne and laughed heartily to our curiosities of hanging out with a celebrity chef. He left not quite knowing how or when, and bid us farewell without inviting us to his restaurant or house. I wanted to be invited to his restaurant or house, his treat.

Thank you Olivia for this belly filling experience, it was one the best meals I’ve ever tasted in my entire life.



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2 responses to “A Colicchian Dinner

  1. LEE

    I’m an artist and I love gorgeous food presentation. I just happened on your site. I had to really look at the food with a salivating pallet. Several items were old favorites of mine. I had octopus twice. The first time was the Club Cascadas Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas; it was incredible. The other time was at a native Mexican restraunt and it was a bit slimy. Your octopus looked amazing. The Stinging Nettles Agnolotti with streusel and vincotta looked delicious. I grabbed at stinging nettles as I fell down a hill. Stinging nettles leave a flame inspired pain at the point they contact with bare skin. I had no idea they were edible. Speaking of edible, as a matter of fact it looked like you folks were privy to the best gormet meal this side of Brooklyn. I enjoy painting food art . My clients hang my pieces in their dinning room or kitchen. Beautiful food is gorgeous on a canvas. As a matter of fact I sell art online. I hope that you fully enjoyed that amazing meal prepared by Tom Colicchio. It inspired me to paint something fattening.

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