Mark Your Calender: April 23 – 30

I’ve been dutifully overwhelmed lately between an endless array of amazing events to organize and itching to experience spring and checking out all the awesome shows happening around town. Not to mention all the things I want to do to my apartment still to make it my own. The list never ends and I’m ready to lose my shit over it. But that’s just silly isn’t it? To lose your shit over wanting to do so many awesome things and realizing you just don’t have the time to do it all? I’ll just go ahead and add an extra 24 hours to a day so I can do THAT MUCH MORE. There.

Well some awesome invitations and notices have come thru the inbox and I kind of have to share it all:

Tonight is the opening party for the second edition of Homemade: Brooklyn, co-organized by The Shiny Squirrel and Sew Moni. There’ll be a week long series of events including a video screening, mail making, a trunk show, a perfume workshop, erotic fiction reading (I’m most excited about this one), and an art show of 5 artists with 5 pieces who are under 25. Each event has an invite of their own and it all takes place at 522 Metropolitan Ave. Check out the full schedule and details here.

Artist and friend Amanda Browder is a correspondent for the ever so wry artcast series Bad at Sports and she sent an invite for a panel discussion April 28th about painters and painting. Panelists include Dike Blair and Kamrooz Aram, two artists I admire. It will be moderated by artist and BAS correspondent Tom Sanford. More details here.

As Tribeca Film Festival rains down upon the city there are 2 films that I will fight my way thru to obtain rush tickets, most important being Micmacs. Same guy who made Amelie. And knowing how much I love Amelie, I just MUST watch Micmacs.

Metropia will be another winner for sure. I get to luckily see this tonight at a special screening. The cinematography alone looks amazing.

I only know one Burlesque extraordinaire and Gigi La Femme happens to be Miss Coney Island 2010. She is AMAZING, and a fellow Greenpointer as well, lucky us. Tonight and on April 30th, she’ll be starring in Wasabassco’s Coney Island Medicine Show. I don’t really know what that means except I am ready to be cured.

Like the Spice is currently showing works by artist Greg Haberny and their monthly dinner takes place tonight which is so special in that Fatty Cue and Fette Sau are having a cookoff at the gallery. This sounds like a meattastic adventure!! More details here.

Hester Street Fair launches this weekend and I am pretty excited to experience the foodstuffs. It’s also comforting to see folks are interested in relaunching the street market model, from New Amsterdam Market to opening a permanent market in Seaport and Hester Street. I wonder if there were any street markets that were open all day everyday in North Brooklyn…

Handmade Cavalcade is tomorrow, a pop up shop at Berry Park highlighting 25 Etsy crafters. I’m going to bet it’ll be packed with all sorts of cute knitware, bags, baby stuff, dolls, clothes, stationary and all that girly stuff. Can’t wait!

FEAST happens again tomorrow, I’ll be there eating grub provided by Marlow & Sons and voting for Trinity Project. And don’t forget to attend their fundariser on the 30th!

Rooftop Farms is installing three new hives and beekeeper Ross Conrad will be at the farm this Sunday at 2pm to speak. Learn some beehiving skills and don’t get stung!

I’ve been finding my release every Tuesday at No Lights No Lycra, a dancefest in the dark at Church of Messiah. next is on the 27th, it’s perpetually growing so get there before it turns into a moshpit in a couple weeks!

If there are any other awesome events happening from today thru the 30th, shout it out! I will try to do this Mark Your Calendar feature every Friday.


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  1. I haven’t opened my boltte, and I don’t plan to. I haven’t tasted it yet (although I’ve had plenty of opportunities). If you like flavored vodkas, I think you’ll like it. The folks that like bitter, hard drinks and the type of people who prefer dry wine (yuck!), probably won’t like it I’m guessing.

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