Mark Your Calendar: April 30 – May 7

Ranting time! Soooooo, I’ve been very distracted and scatterbrained lately. I can’t seem to focus on any one thing for more than, ehh, 5 minutes or so before jumping on to the next best thing. The last couple weeks I’ve spent plenty of time outside the house, away from the computer, away from my kitchen, away from everything. There is this growing urge to go against all plans, to drop it and fuck it all, and to roam and wander ever so aimlessly through the streets of lower east side. I’m convinced I want and need constant change, but how can I change more when already my life is so spastic and misdirected every single day??? I think there is a bigger issue here and I’m trying to figure out what it is. I am content with my existence and place in life more than ever, I know what I want, I know how to get it, and I execute that want into tangible experiences. I love and am loved by others and give and receive unconditional support to an amazing community of creative kickass individuals. I have a job that pays the bills. I have an apartment of my own and live with the most fucking adorable dog in the entire universe. I’m infatuated with a gentleman that is for the first time in a long time totally worth every ounce of my affection and I have to put a restraint order to keep from suffocating the man. Promising, aspiring, inspiring opportunities pop up at every corner on any given day and I jump on it like a hungry wild cat, contributing to the development of a self within a community. So what the hell is wrong with me? Perhaps it’s that time of the month. Perhaps I’m just in a slight rut and I need to shit it all out. Perhaps it’s writers block, a disease that my entire body and brain has contracted, keeping me from writing thoughtful pieces about art, food, life, etceteras. Whatever it is I need to snap the fuck out of it because there is a whole lot of shit that need to get done! So this rant is more for me than for you, a self-affirmation to take ownership over my actions, to be underwhelmed by the overwhelming flood of information that drown me everyday, to utilize each minute of each day to my benefit and to quit sulking like a miserable soiled child.

Here’s are some things in my calendar for the weekend and beyond.


I swear churches are the new hang out spots. They’re the perfect space to host performances, exhibitions, food markets, dance parties, and other forms of pure debauchery. The Convent of St. Cecilia in Greenpoint have recently opened their creepy abandoned doors to a slew of art exhibitions and there is one opening tonight titled Hell, No!

30 artists present works reflecting self-sufficiency, retort, and non business like artistic exchange. Riffing off Rondinone’s Hell, Yes! signage at New Museum, this exhibition is a “celebration and a warning: a celebration of artists working today, desperate to create despite the diminishing art market, and a warning not to give in: to say (to whomever) HELL, NO!. HELL, NO!”

Full details on opening and exhibition here.

There are other things happening tonight which I’ve added to last week’s Mark Your Calendar.


– In case you happen to be upstate in a beautiful town called Rosendale, check out the opening at Roos Arts. Mark, Paper, Scissors presents works by a handful of artists manipulating paper in the most sexiest way possible.

– Brooklyn Lyceum’s Spring Food and Craft Market is FINALLY here!! Food, art, crafts, workshops galore to be found all weekend. I’ll be there Sunday representing the food market handing out postcards and selling some totes. Come by and keep me company.

– Learn to make your own beer and drink it too at Diamond Bar’s homebrew demo. Bring your dog and food to grill.


– I still don’t quite understand who P-orridge is other than she used to be he after a few body alterations were made to resemble his late wife. She’s having a garage sale at Famous Accountants in Bushwick and apparently it’ll be like the one Martha Rosler put together.

– Amanda Browder’s awesome public art project Future Phenomena is coming closer and closer to completion. There is one final sewing day Saturday at Trinity Project where folks can donate fabric, sew some together, and finish off this giant swath of fabric to be blanketed atop an entire building in Greenpoint. Come out and make your fingers busy.

– I keep forgetting Lamb & Jaffy exists. However Crab & Hammer will make sure I never forget again. There’ll be boiled blue crabs, grilled asparagus, crab broth sweet potatoes, and grilled corn. I’m hungry.

– I’m a bit indifferent to Shepard Fairey, always have been, but I will admit to high levels of curiosity in presenting a new body of work, indoors, at Deitch Projects. It will also be the gallery’s last exhibition before closing. The high curiosity has more to do with the afterparty, which the ladies at MeanRed is throwing together at 88 Palace, an old dumpling restaurant in Chinatown. Obey Giant will be there shootin’ some tunes. Tix are a bit high but I’m sure it’ll be entertaining, amusing, intoxicating.


– One of my favoritest gallery in Williamsburg South First is having an opening with a BBQ on Sunday, featuring works by Spero Plagianos and Ellen Takata. I have no idea who these artists are and what their works are like but I love the gallery, the owners, and BBQs so I’m excited, naturally.

InContext Tours is a two person run artist studio tour group and they come off quite official, only in that they charge $75 for a tour. Hopefully a big chunk of that goes to the artists. Sunday they are having a Greenpoint-centric studio tour with two of my favorite artists Amanda Browder (mentioned earlier) and Emily Noelle Lambert (shown above).


Ghastly City Sleep is one of the best bands to come out of Greenpoint and they’re playing Monday at Glasslands.


Yeasayer at Webster Hall. I’m pretty stoked about this one.


– Papacitos celebrates Cinco de Mayo with food, backyard, drink specials, and music. I’m most excited about live mariachi bands.


Our gallery is very proud to present Now Through a Glass Darkly, an exhibition about mirrors and all its crazy ways. Stingle, Warhol, and more.


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    Thank you! You really must come see the show…

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