Mark Your Calender: May 7 – May 14

I cannot believe a week has gone by already. It’s May 7th? Really?? I need to sit down and think really hard about this. How the HELL is time whizzing by so DAMN FAST?!! I vowed starting on the first to restrict my diet a bit and lose them extra rolls of chins and bellies but all I’ve done the last 7 days was eat tacos and sweet plantains at midnight and raisin danishes and apple crisps in the morning. I haven’t gone jogging every other day like I planned, nor have I practiced yoga couple days a week as I vowed. Yea. Trying to cook at home often is not so easy either when you’re flying about every night attending this that and the other thing. At least I’m having a blast doing it all and eating it all, albeit with the consequence of a major guilt trip and hypersensitized anxiety. I’m convinced it’s the coming of warm weather that I absolutely refuse to be tamed and disciplined. I am also noticing as the years progress I lose less and less winter fat as summer approaches. It’s a depressing realization, as is learning my skin is less suntan friendly, I’ll really need to start wearing sunblock before the leathery skin thing happens and skin cancer is one summer away. Aaah the drudgeries of aging.

The Affordable Art Fair launches tonight and runs through Sunday. Buy works from $100 – 10,000. Anything for $10 I can buy??

NY Gallery Week launches tonight and runs through Sunday and special events include book signing tonight by Dana Schutz at Zach Feuer.

The Unaffordable Art Fair opens tonight at NY Studio Gallery, sharing a message of unfair economic treatment towards artists. Participating artists includes one of my faves Jsun Laliberte.

– An exhibition of new photography by emerging artists opens at Winkleman Gallery tonight. Looks really good.

The Performancy Forum‘s night of experimental performances happens tonight with film, theater, music, and video.

Future Archaeology‘s Canopy Assemblage is a one night exhibition viewing of a living/synthetic ecosystem hosted by Northside Townhall at Firehouse 212 in Williamsburg.


NY Gallery Week’s participating gallery Wallspace hosts a talk titled Appropriation: Exploring Curatorial Methodologies for a Historical/Contemporary Exhibition with Anne Ellegood and Johanna Burton. I had a major crush on Burton for the longest time.

– Ram and I brought out supperclub Plates & Records back and we’re hosting a brunch tomorrow. Spots are filled but join our facebook group or email us to join us for future eatings.

– I’m pretty excited to see Alwin Nikolais’ Centennial dance performance at Joyce Theater this weekend. The costume and set design, the movement and sound looks completely funky and enticing.

Glasslands is hosting a rockabilly prom!

Dr. Sketchy‘s live cabaret extravaganza is tonight at Slipper Room.


NY Gallery Week and Anthology Film Archives are putting together a Wilhelm Sasnal screening. Also on Sunday is featured a book signing with T.J. Wilcox, talk with David Joselit, Irving Sandler, and Jorge Pardo. Also Martin Creed opens at Gavin Brown.

Jimmy’s No.43 is kicking off Pig Week with a butchering demo and lunch. The two don’t go together very well for me. I’d rather eat first, then butcher. Then throw up.

White Columns is having a benefit auction with free brunch preview!

May 12

NY Photo Festival launches. Make sure to check out the works of Osang Gwon and Lucas Blalock when you’re there.


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  1. great to know about this..thanks

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