Mark Your Calendar May 28 – June 4


– One of my favorite artists in the world, James Hyde, opens tonight at Pierogi’s Boier!

Whitney will be open til midnight tonight on pay-what-you-wish basis so make sure to check out the biennial if you haven’t seen it yet.

Raccoon Fighter played at the food market last week and they’re at Don Hills tonight.


– My girl Jenny organized another Score! Pop Up event, and this one should be bigger than ever. Bring your old stuff, take home some new old stuff and have a merry day.

House of Yes is hosting a short Indie film festival that starts at noon til 10pm.

– I’m taking the Newtown Creek Visitor Tour today, face mask in tow.

Momix will potentially be very cheesy and glitzy but that ain’t necessarily a bad thing. Runs thru June 6th, I’m going tonight.


– I’ve heard some groans when I told folks I want to watch the entire Cremaster series at IFC tonight. I haven’t seen it yet!

– Believe it or not I haven’t seen Marina Abramovic’s retrospective at MoMA yet. Crazy, I know. So I’m going at the break o’ dawn today to try to guarantee a starring contest with her.


Bklyn Yard returns and starts off summer with some serious foodage. Greenpoint Food market will be there alongside a row of food trucks. Prepare to loosen that belt and not lose the pounds you hoped to lose for bikini season.


Jimmy’s No. 43 is hosting a brewer’s night, with a vegetarian dinner and beer pairing. $45 bucks a pop but it might be worth it.


– My dearly beloved Jon is back in town and playing with Jim as Anxieteam tonight at Pete’s Candy Store. Stoked.


Cinema 16 returns and Greenpoint Food Market’s La Tia Faby will be there selling empanadas. Lemonade will score four short films including Shirley Clarke’s Bridges Go Round, Ezra Johnson’s W.V.B., PSA Coney Island from 1940s, and Peter Tscherkassky’s Outer Space.

Round Robin artists Mary and Martin will open their studios for a visit.


– Today kicks off Bushwick Open Studios with a party at Beauty Bar.


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