Mira Schor on Marina Abromavic’s MoMA performance: “I found some of the visuals distracting, especially Marina’s red ecclesiastical garment, which one friend has compared to one of those snuggies, the blankets with sleeves advertised on TV.”

– A couple months ago Tim and Aaron started visiting random places and taking amazing pictures. Aaron is now a loser enjoying a long ass vacation in Greece but Tim keeps up the solo adventures and the images are quite stunning.

Marina Abramovic made me cry, Marina Abramovic made me high.

– RIP Louis Bourgeois.

Local distilleries are popping up everywhere.

– Art School Girls

– How to make spaghetti

– Abramovic interviewed post-present state.



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2 responses to “Reader

  1. Aaron

    That Aaron sure is a loser!!!

    Miss you. XOXO

  2. Abramovic. amazing. super inspired. thanks!
    (also, that art school vid. is definitely getting tossed around. lol.)

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