The Smile

There’s a certain glow to the LES that’s unattainable and covetous. All those kids in their expensive fashion gear, their cooler-than-thou glares and body nuances. I hate it and want it at the same time. It’s offputting and desirable at the same time. This is what I experienced lunching at The Smile, a sub-underground eatery and general store on Bond St. Olde New York / country get away feel populated by the hipsters of a wealthier echelon, the space warm enough, the staff nice enough, the food good enough.

The sandwich selection sounded plenty appetizing. I had Harissa Honey Roasted Chicken Breast with roasted red peppers, manchego and lemon mayo and the Angel tried the Black Forest Ham with Gruyere which wasn’t as good as mine. The well rounded flavorings of the chicken sandwich pared lovingly with the uber fresh and homemade pickels, served with a side of chips. The ham was of a blander affair.

The “General Store” section is nothing but a bunch of stuff on shelves and I felt awkward and intrusive walking along people’s tables to look at a pile of yarn and ironic art books.

I really have nothing more to say except I’ll be back for the dinner menu. Have you tried The Smile and was it better than a mediocre experience?

I like this picture of their chandelier.


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  1. mmmm…now only if I ever had a min. to head to LES! looks really good.

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