Think Tank Potluck THIS SATURDAY

In the last few weeks I have done nothing other than focus on the monstrosity that is now Greenpoint Food Market. This article resulted in the biggest shitshow in my entire life with phone calls being fielded between Dept of Health, Dept of Agriculture & Markets, leeching journalists and confused and disappointed vendors. This is by far the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced and one that equally mixes gratification and disease. I have literally come down with some ridiculous illness where my voice has left and in its place are pathetic wheezes.  I am now feeling some serious growing pains. I now know there are some serious consequences to my actions. Not to say I am an immature, irresponsible jokey clueless kid. I know there are folks out there who think this way towards me and my market and where you might not be wholly correct you are deceived by my ever cool nonchalance. Do not be mistaken, I do regret never having done enough research to legitimize the market, which is now suffering under health dept scrutiny and all the vendors and fans that have accumulated over the months are left angry, disappointed, confused, and supportive by default. I’ve made such a shitshow out of the situation and I can only pray everything gets smoothed out in the end.

I HAVE been getting support from friends, vendors, fans, and others and I am very grateful for the all knowledge and resource they are able to provide. The temporary canceling of the market and the hosting of this Think Tank Potluck conference in its place just proves the market has stirred something that goes well beyond a dinky little community oriented food market. The personal gets political here for sure.

I’m nervous as hell about moderating and public speaking and am determined to wear heels if it makes be feel that much more at ease. We will be discussing many a things related to the local food movement, small business opportunities, incubator kitchens, and the future of Greenpoint Food Market. It’s been hell of a ride, I hope you’ll join me this Saturday.


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One response to “Think Tank Potluck THIS SATURDAY

  1. sven

    Good luck!
    it seemed like it was going so well ……..>_<

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