Mark, Paper, Scissors at Roos Arts

I’m sorry to say it’s taken me a month to have the opportunity to write about this show. It’s becoming more and more difficult to take the time to see shows and write about them, or to find the time to write at all lately, especially with any thoughtful substance. I’m considering retiring from planning all these random events for a few months and focus ONLY on experiencing and documenting that experience. Now if only I had money to buy a very nice camera…

My dearest Heige of Roos Arts came up with an ingenious title for a show highlighting drawing and manipulations on paper: “Mark, Paper, Scissors”. Seven local artists engaging in some physical act with paper, whether it be crumpling or cutting, utilizing the material as a means of serial mark making, or conceptualizing the idea of sketching one would do on a piece of paper. An inherent quality of drawing as being open to manipulations and experimenting, where no fine lines are final and the process of erasure and redoing is common, the works in the show leave room for many interpretations and explorations within this medium. Mia Pearlman, pictured above is a favorite, her stormy tumultuous powerful nature-like scenes on paper, slit and cut in intricate details, are quite ethereal and magical. Light and space is as important in the reflection and placement of these sculptural works, especially when beams of light flow in and out of each crevice, casting performative and drastic shadows around its surrounding space.

A series of small drawings by Adie Russell combines text with imagery, offering vague narratives and washy illustrations. Additional works by the artist includes crumbled paper depicted accumulated text shaped into a figure, a hole poked through and in that space a colored circle is painted on the wall. The artist’s play with material and story telling is suggestive and enticing.

The strongest piece in the show had to have been Nancy Murphy Spicer‘s Drawing Trying to Stand Up in which the artist invites Heige to balance a broom stick amidst a gentle tangle of black rope, a performative and literal act to drawing if you will. Additionally the artist mounted a small sketchbook of wispy drawings on the wall nearby and visitors were welcomed to browse and skim through each drawing.

Majority of the works in the show were of an intimate scale, which reflected the drawing process as being quite personal and intimate, which often is true. More importantly, it’s refreshing to see how these artists embed drawing with other mediums, cross-pollinating until there is that blur between sculptural and painterly.


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  1. hang in there, girl. take a mini-vaca. i always feel guilty if i miss a post, but you are being too hard on yourself! blogging is fun. if you put too much pressure, then its not fun! chillax. you have been dealing with a lot of BS! ask someone to cook you dinner. if you can’t find anyone, i will make you diner 😉 some crazy eyetalian fixins is just what you need!

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