The Hungry Pedaler Kickstarter Campaign

I recently met Daniel and Miko when our mutual homeslice was serving ice cream outside General Greene in Brooklyn. Flaunting their bikes and licking their ice creams we immediately hit off a conversation pertaining to food, pertaining to GFM (RIP) and Vendr TV, a show exploring the best street food the world has to offer. Daniel and Miko are hyper social networking friendly monsters, which makes them, awesome.

They are starting a new project called The Hungry Pedaler. The couple will be taking a bicycle power tour to discover the nation’s best “local and indigenous cuisines”. Basically, they will travel to “eat local” and the footage taken will be edited into webisodes to be shown weekly. It’ll be a two week tour next month and they need to raise $6,500 to make some awesome happen. So I highly encourage you to check out their kickstarter campaign and donate a few bucks for a delicious cause.


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