Greenpoint Open Studios: October 1 – 3, 2010: Register NOW!

Greenpoint Open Studios returns this October!! I’ve been meaning to organize the second edition since the spring and I just never got around to it til now. Last year’s GOS was one intimidating gargantuan endeavor and I was so burnt out by the end that I didn’t want to go anywhere near it for quite a while. Well, it’s back and I’m more than ready to get this shit started.

I’m hoping to make it bigger and better this year and do it all within two months time. I want an official website, I want more local businesses involved, I want to throw down a huge fundraiser outdoor shindig with water balloons and music and food and raffle tickets, I want as many artists to participate, a step up from the 100 who opened their lovely studios last September. I want local media sponsors and I want as many non-art-related people of the community to be stoked to attend.

Registration starts NOW. If you’re an artist with a studio in Greenpoint or you know of someone who is, then por favor, spread the word.

Also, I will straight up request for help from volunteers. I need graphic designers to help make a new logo, build a basic website with an interactive map, and most importantly design an awesome brochure. I need folks who can reach out and hand out fliers and postcards, and folks who can lend a hand for any installation of artworks.

I also need a co-organizer, someone as administratively/organizationally obsessed as I am. This is a commitment and will most likely be very little paid. You’d get whatever money is left over after all expenses which will be culled from $10 artist participation fee and fundraisers.

Wish me luck!



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2 responses to “Greenpoint Open Studios: October 1 – 3, 2010: Register NOW!

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