Who the Hell is David Choe?

A self-professed, self-deprecating, self-monumentalizing street artist based in L.A. named David Choe has hit the market with some toys and books.

I received an email from an Upper Playground PR rep promoting this heinous man’s ‘Munko’ vinyl figures and a contest for a chance to win an entire set of these tchotchkes and his new art book.

Premises of the contest is for participants to submit “David-Choe-centric” artwork, whether it’s a portrait of his punching his face (done to emit blood to use as ink) or reflecting the street art spray painted figurative darkly narrated scifi decorated style that has become his oeuvre.

Fans love to hate him and hate that they love him, despite his being “a lost soul using art as an excuse” to put his “stink forward”.

He’s formulated his character as this obnoxious and pitiful character in the LA art scene and looks like he’s been credited by porn stars and music buffs alike. His book has been christened by the likes of


Asa Akira

He’s had big art shows attended by big schmaltzy people and even has a documentary out about his dirty art lifestyle.

He’s the assimilated Dash Snow of L.A. and he’ll probably announce his own suicide eating his own poop. Apparently I find it very easy and fun to also love to hate.


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