Greenpoint Open Studios THIS WEEKEND

I am SO exhausted. I almost can’t WAIT for this weekend to be done and done with. The last couple months have been nothing but fielding a gazillion emails and I’m just going to go ahead and sulk the shit out of myself because this is my blog and I do write what I want. At the same time, I am super excited to be hosting the 2nd Greenpoint Open Studios. We’ve met our goal of registering over 150 artists and have covered all our costs for some amazingly designed and printed postcards, posters, and brochures, all made possible by some super supportive local businesses. I couldn’t possibly have done it without a team of kickass ladies who’ve taken on the design front, the website front, the ad sales front, and the curating front. I am grateful. I really really am. I am also really tired of spending endless hours in front of the computer writing a gazillion emails only to have those emails write back and go on and on and on in this exchange. I’ve officially vowed not to organize any kind of event for an entire year and focus my time and efforts in reading and writing, exploring neighborhoods, exploring my brain, cooking and baking, eating and observing. It’s going to be all about passive activities and doing what I was originally meant to do: Write. But apparently I have an ability to bring people together and force them to enjoy themselves so I’ll have to eventually scheme a plan where I get paid loads of money and have a lot of free time while organizing some awesome events. yea.

Until then, join me THIS WEEKEND for Greenpoint Open Studios! Here’s the Shpeeeel:

GREENPOINT OPEN STUDIOS IS NEARLY HERE!!!! We are so excited to be hosting open studios for over 150 artists and collaborating with many of our local galleries and businesses to exhibit shows and performances throughout the weekend. There are many events to check out and support, below is our schedule and additional events, our MAP, and list of participating artists.

Check the EVENTS page for full details of each and every event announced!

Starting THIS FRIDAY you can find a printed brochure at our info hubs: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, Paulie Gee’s, and YES Gallery

See you this weekend!


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