Reader: Oct 20, 2010

Man Jeggings.

David Byrne for 20×200 to benefit Creative Time.

Mad Men. Mad Men. Mad Men.

– NYC’s best vintage stores.

Idea Meeting.

Ghosts in Brooklyn.

Rape Gaze.

Pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.


– Pay college debt only if you’re “successful”.

– Playing iphone instruments and shooting an iphone video. iphone iphone iphone.

Using the kitchen to learn about chemistry and physics.

– Van’s skate park in Greenpoint opens.

– Permaculture with Masanobu Fukuoka.

Lipstick Sentence Generator.

– Eco Friendly Halloween Costumes. Is this really a post??

20 best restaurants in North Brooklyn.

Lopate and Locavores.

Rapping Farmers.

– Survival in NY with artist genius William Powhida.

– Cremaster, the video game.


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