Reader: November 11, 2010

– Hypnosis by runway model Maeva. This ain’t a shabby idea. I was considering hypnosis to quit smoking and alleviate my anxiety. And what better way than to cozy it up with a french kitty model whispering into your subconscious? meow.

Korean on Korean. Hilarious. She has a new fan.

Chef’s tips for the Thanksgiving Meal: Cut up the bird before cooking, have an abundance of chicken stock on hand, use a thermometer.

101 Head Starts to Thanksgiving.

– GOOD on Four Loko, Eddie Huang on Four Loko.

– On Kindle and Project Gutenberg.

– Illustrated key to good cooking.

– How to order a burrito from Chipotle.

– Hipster Run Off on Jared Leto.

Meatball Shop may be coming to Willyburg.

– Thomas Edison’s 1899 video going over the Brooklyn Bridge.

– DIY project: paper frames.

Katie Madeline. Alas, ’tis too true.

– DIY wedding updos: classic Chignon.

– A Love Blog.


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