Reader: November 23, 2010

Great Idea

The Tournament of Cookbooks

Scratchbread needs to raise a big chunk of money to secure equipment for his storefront. Help a brotha’ out, he just wants to make bread. Donate $10 on Kickstarter.

– In more pressing issues, Pablo, owner of the newly opened Greenpoint Bikes, is fighting a deportation case IN JAIL. He’s detained for god knows how long and needs folks to sign petitions and attend benefits to help raise funds to hire a lawyer to get his ass outta there ASAP. It’s absolutely frightening and deplorable the circumstances in which this happened. Lend a hand and come to the hearing or donate a couple bucks. You can even send Pablo a letter or a picture, not dirty pictures though, it’ll probably be taken away by the pervert pig police.

– Enjoying this sneak peek as I consider moving into a bigger better apartment.

– Brooklyn card makers to prepare for the holidays.

– Slice Magazine is hosting writing workshops in January.

Brooklyn Bread starts its weekly publication. I’d love to write for them.

– Check out the list of books on the side. I want to read them ALL. I miss reading so damn much.

Six stores that grew out of Artists & Fleas.

– My hero Brent Burket of Heart as Arena curated a series of crazy, buckwild, off the chart youtube videos for my other hero Hrag’s show #socialgraph at Outpost. I missed the screening events, but here are the videos he presents in one, two, three parts. Jeffrey Deitch cursing in his pink suit is the bomb.


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