I Love You Rob Brezny

Love this week’s horoscope:

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): I would like to steal your angst, Aquarius. I
fantasize about sneaking into your room tonight, plucking your
nightmares right out of the heavy air, and spiriting them away. I imagine
sidling up to you on a crowded street and pickpocketing your bitterness
and frustration — maybe even pilfering your doubts, too. I wouldn’t keep
any of these ill-gotten goods for myself, of course. I wouldn’t try to profit
from them in any way. Instead, I would donate them to the yawning
abyss, offer them up to the stormy ocean, or feed them to a bonfire on a
primal beach. P.S. Even though I can’t personally accomplish these things,
there is now a force loose in your life that can. Are you willing to be
robbed of things you don’t need?


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  1. this is the best horoscope.

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