Blue Cheese Scallion Drop Biscuits

This time of the year the last two years I was baking like mad, for myself and for others, but mostly for myself. I gluttonous indulged with the sweetest of teeth and almost always felt guilty about consuming all that pie and brownie towards the end my guilty consumptive journey. This year hasn’t at all been the year of cooking and baking the way it’s been the last couple years. It must be a combination of all the changes and activities that filled up my calendar that kept me away from the kitchen. It’s a bit inexplicable considering I moved into my own apartment the second half of the year and had a space all to my own, which I’ve been dying for. No one would touch my pots or use my bowls or take up oven space. Crazy to think it went for months unused. The last month however I’ve been slowly coming back with my badass kitchen self and have been enjoying baking of a non-sweet savory influenced variety. Breads, biscuits, scones, and muffins have been on the menu, complimenting a wider range of goodies I’ve been making from potato leek soup to spicy chicken wings and spinach tortellini.

Here I made blue cheese scallion biscuits according to a Smitten Kitchen recipe. They were a great accompaniment to soup, light and crumbly and moist, just the way biscuits should be. The only minor complaint is that it wasn’t salt enough, it was a bit bland, I wanted more of the cheese to come out, there wasn’t enough flavor. Perhaps adding more blue cheese into the mix would do the trick?



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