– The cross-fertilization of food and design.

Robot waiters in China.

– LA Times food critic thrown out of restaurant.

– The best new cheeses of 2010.

– Daily meat drawings.

– I want all of these books.

– Best 2010 Restaurant Openings.

– Great holiday hosting tips.

– Greenpoint’s own Anella gets a NYT shout out.

– Interview with Will Cotton.

– I keep meaning to read Bill Bryson. I want to, really bad.

Max Fish was my college haunt. They are sadly closing.

– Old school restaurant commercials.

– Top 10 hot chocolates in the city. I will test each and every one myself.

– Joseph Gordon Levitt and his lady gal pal in a cute video for his production org hitrecord. I love the play with words.

Brooklyn Books.

– It’s weird they never actually say Mi Kitchen es Su Kitchen.

John Baldessari singing Sol Lewitt. Don’t make me whip out my uke.

– I love Triple Canopy and aspire to be like them.

– My favorite awesome artist find of the year, Julien Pacaud, selling stuff on his online shop. ps, my bday is coming up.


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