Lemon Cranberry Muffins

For Thanksgiving I cooked with fresh cranberries for the first time in my life. I love it. They’re irresistibly tart and gratified my oral fixations and compulsive want to “pop” them cherries. It’s fascinating. I’ve since then bought cranberries at every opportunity I can and look up recipes that use them in cookies (rare), muffins, sauces, what have you. I intend on becoming the next great American cranberry connoisseur.

This lemon cranberry muffin was uber moist, must be the odd 1/2 cup of oil I added according to the recipe. The cranberries and their red oozing blood is beautiful. This recipe was a bit TOO tart and a bit TOO sour with all that lemony thing going on. I would’ve liked a bit more sweet. But they were still a great refreshing start to the morning. I’m usually not a fan of muffins, I find them boring, but the cranberries did it for me here and again, I intend to find THE best cranberry recipe and stand atop a mound of cranberries, as proud as can be.



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