Reader: January 4, 2010

Sources for a healthy kitchen. Especially coveting the compost pail.

– Now that wedding planning is in full gear, I’ll be reading this more often. Any other wedding sites I should be googling over?


– NYC Roach Map. Gross.

Stacey Rozich.

– Nice soup bowls.

– Basic tools for paper crafting. What’s a bone folder? Sounds dirty.

Top ten cute photos of 2010.

Yellena James.

Polar bear swim 2011.

– I would’ve loved to have seen Gogol Bordello to kick off the new year.

Crif Dog opens next week in Williamsburg. Danger!

Wallpaper by numbers.

– 5 stylish crockpots.

– Social media alternatives post-apocalypse.

– The next big small (food) brand video series. I love Liddabit Sweets‘ caramels. SO GOOD.

– Do you remember Selena? In junior high school some korean music production agents were in NY and I auditioned with that Selena song and they were disappointed and said I had a pretty voice but needed singing lessons.

Ground rules: bloggers create their own 30 day challenge like drawing or cooking or hair-doing everyday. via Briana

– Interview with mega collector Hubert Neumann on Bad at Sports with my girl Amanda.

21 tips for a productive new year.

Women and salad.


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