Master Cleanse: Day 2

I ate.

The end.

Short story long, I was perfectly fine all day and was even in a good mood. I woke up lethargic but after my saltwater/barfwater, yoga, and the first glass of lemonade I was good to go. Throughout the day I didn’t feel hungry or even craved food. I was super stoked about taking a swing dance class and that was all I thought about, I mean, beside working of course.

On the way to the class I had a tremendous sudden urge to eat. Also, remember how I said I was quitting smoking to? Well…I slipped a ciggy in my hand and smoked that baby with as much guilt as my demented little heart could handle. That shortly became a big mistake as I could all nauseous and convinced I’d hurl. By the time the class started though I didn’t give it a second thought and learned my lindy hop basic 6 step like a pro-wannabe.

Kristi came along with me and after the powerful urge I decided I was going to eat. I’ve done this cleanse twice before, and both times I was fucking miserable and hated every single sip of it and swore off never to do it again. But my obsessive compulsive inklings got the better of me and figured I was having it all so I’d very well have none and erase any trace of food before starting over again, blank slate, blank stomach, blank eating habits.

But why wait 10 days when I can just do that now. Let’s quit being a compulsive moronic obsessive and just starting eating healthy now.

So after our awesome swing class we went to Caravan of Dreams, a vegetarian restaurant, and the only restaurant I know that serves “Superfood Smoothies”. We came to the right place. I commenced to order an avocado coconut soup thinking it’d be brothy and hot only to be received by a bowl of frothy cold nauseatingly semicreamy soup. I had a few sips and didn’t like it so replaced it with a small miso soup which was much more what I wanted. I also shared a superfood smoothie that consisted of raw cacao, maca, goji berries, almond butter, aloe vera, kelp, black currants, strawberries and dates. It was thick, creamy, and tasted like pure nutrition. I had a few sips of that and my stomach immediately began to gurgle and I called it quits. Then I got tired til we returned to my house and practiced our moves.

Now I’m tired, slightly guilty, but more determined that yesterday to eat healthy meals and not return to my over-rationed compuslive diet. Wish me luck.


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