Gentleman Farmer & Hung Ry

The last couple weeks Angel and I have been eating at a fair share of restaurants, never failing to include maduros from Yuca Bar and nutella crepes from The Crooked Tree in our repertoire. Two new places we’ve tried and enjoyed very much was Gentleman Farmer and Hung Ry. As of late I’ve been avoiding snapping pictures of my food at restaurants. It’s become a bit of an embarrassment for some reason, multiple flashes and extreme close ups are required and I honestly feel ridiculous culling all that attention to the table. And call me old-fashioned but it’s a bit rude. But this goes against my document-your-life-thru-blogging experience if I don’t photograph. As I write up this post I regret not having taken pictures of the noodler and plates of freshly roasted veggies but alas, I’ll have to find a common medium without scouring at myself or being scoured by others.

image via luckyrice

Hand-pulled organic noodles sounds like a spectacle, making it super appealing to check out as soon as possible. Located on a quiet street in soho, or nolita, or wherever that is, the cozy darkened restaurant was welcoming, especially if you’re sitting at the bar right next to the noodle maker, watching with googly eyes as he turns a knob of dough into long strands of noodle over and over and over and over again. Angel and I sympathized with what must be tired hands and muscles.

I tried and loved my bowl of chicken noodles which were flavorful were it not for accompanied sauces. Reading the menu and finding an array of animal parts from liver and gizzard to tongue and “leg” made me hesitant, hence choosing the simplest, least gruesome sounding bowl on the menu. The noodles were sticky and starchy, wholesome and gratifying in its chewy texture. The broth was saucy and nicely accompanied by a boiled egg. Angel had the duck noodle with gizzard, which I made sure to avoid. His was spicier, saucier, more dense and flavorful. I’d love to visit again and try a bowl of pork belly noodles with tongue…

We strolled into Gentleman Farmer close to midnight and was relieved to find them open. The first thing you notice is a friendly staff. The handsome young gentleman was super friendly and attentive, and the lady’s knowledge of wine was impressive. I honestly don’t like the name of the restaurant, it just says privileged hipster all over it but gratefully I didn’t feel an inkling of exclusivity inside and was comforted by the cozy staff and environment.

We helped ourselves to a glass of red, a crispy minimally dressed endive salad, and some bread and butter to start. We ate this dinner right after getting off my failed 2 day cleanse so I ate in small amounts, despite ordering a bunch of stuff. My main was a super creamy and dense truffled chevre ravioli with a side of roasted winter veggies including carrots and chard. The ravioli was so puckeringly cheesy and I loved that. Angel ate half of it so I wouldn’t hurl with over consumption. The veggies were simple and delicious. Angel tried the Rabbit Cassoulet with beans, shallots, and rabbit sausage and that too, was delicious. I don’t know that I’ve ever had rabbit meat, let alone rabbit sausage, but I approved of its dark meat tones and extra chew. We skipped dessert as to prevent food-induced coma and went about our evening satisfied to the core.


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  1. more from the douche bag guy! where do i find this brilliant beast? that may have been the best paragraph i have ever read!

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