Reader: January 12, 2011

Greenpoint CoWorking is a communal workspace that just opened up in the neighborhood. I pass often and it used to be a polish real estate or insurance office with reflective tinted windows (where I always catch my own gaze) but has been completely transformed into a clean spankin’ new office space for all you office-less freelancers. I see they’re only open til 5:30pm which is a bummer considering I’m a freelancer that works post-9-to-5 job but perhaps they’ll change that. I sent them an email for an interview, let’s see what they got to offer!

– A whole bunch of fish dropped dead. And apparently May 21st, Angel and I’s planned wedding date, just so happens to be Judgement Day and it’s COMING.

– I love collage walls. Also, I think color-coding your bookshelves is the worst thing you can do to books. It turns them into frivolous decorative things. It’s awful. I like the kitchen wall color.

– I’ve figured something like this would exist. A nice lady 60 years of age started Vokashi, a service where she picks up your bucket of compost which is then fermented and taken to East New York Farms, turning it into beautiful fertilizer. I have a backyard that pitifully gets no sun, but once we move into a new apartment, I daydream of filling a sunny backyard with my own compost-turned-fertilizer. Perhaps I’ll ask Vandra then to help me ferment my garbage.

– I like this graphic designer’s style, I’m bookmarking for invites.

– Interview with Art Fag City, aka Paddy Johnson, discussing the DJ battle record, Sound of Art. “…the better I become at imparting my own sensibility in my fundraising projects and even the ad program (PBR – Nectar Ads wants you as a sponsor), the more successful these projects are.”

– Astronomers have changed your sign. Luckily I’m still am ambivalent and stubborn aquarius.

– Day in the life of a head flusher. Also this is a great food culture blog.

– Meticulously reading (and actually saving) each job description posted on GOOD. They all sound very professional and intimidating. I suddenly got the urge to go to grad school for marketing, or journalism, or art history, or advertising. You pick. Basically, despite having spent the last couple years doing all I’ve been doing I still feel inadequately experienced, unqualified when even considering for jobs such as these listed here. Let’s do something about it. Maybe.

– Scan, clean, and secure your social network content. I wonder how foolproof this would be.

– L Magainze present Listicles, a swoon worthy orgasm for all you list obsessed.

– Reasons why Jon Stewart may or may not be a qualifying journalist. I keep 2 journals at any given moment if that makes a difference.

– Top 10 food carts in NYC.

– I’ll be testing Tasting Table’s iphone app when on the go and in need of a bite.

Maximum Perception Performance Festival is taking place this Friday and Saturday.

Power of the pastry chef. I never thought of dessert as elitist or an abstraction but that only shows how much I know.


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  1. Yay for the wedding date!

    And OMG Yes, Laura Cline is a fantastic designer! Much of the rooftop farm design is her work.

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