Reader: January 13, 2011

– 5 social media lessons from Tim Burton.”What is your central core that keeps you balanced? How can you branch out from that central point to test yourself and those around you?” Answer: Neurotic Polymath Syndrome. Spread NPS to others.

– The importance of headlines. I hate coming up with headlines and titles. I’m terrible at it. It takes too much creativity and I’m learning I’m not much of a creative writer as opposed an opinionated over-personalizing over-sharing blogger. I need lessons. Copyblogger is something I’ve been looking for considering my recent interesting in further educating myself with writing (journalism) and marketing.

Angry Birds boardgame. want.

Now announcing Brooklyn Art Fair, sames folks who brought you the arts festival in Dumbo. I’m highly skeptical but still looking forward.

Palin breathing. creepy. Also, top 10 Palin fails. The turkey carnage video is crazy.


Vintage computer porn.

Reading this I wanted immediately to email him and adopt the pitbull. It was the strongest compulsive urge to “have her”. She’s probably cared for by now but I’ll be daydreaming about my own pittybully for the rest of the night.

Marina’s chocolate lips.

Highly Sensitive People, disorder.

– 25 vegan recipes.

– Why douchebags are douchebags. ”

Men who are selfish, obnoxious baboons who refuse to take responsibility for their poorly thought-out actions are called “douchebags” because that antiquated feminine hygiene product was sold to women by men who didn’t think their nuts smelled like ass butter.  Douchebags are entitled princes who deny other human beings their humanity. They would be content to allow a woman to use a douchebag, as if she were a couch with fingers that could spray Febreze on itself. Douchebags are amateur sociopaths singularly concerned with their own pleasure and pain. Men who are douchebags think, somehow, they are special flowers with beef jerky petals. Men who think they can write the rules in the snow with their own hot urine. They are men who cannot man up, little boys who don’t share their rad stuff and who don’t play well with others. A douchebag is a douchebag because he smelt it and unknowingly dealt it.  Let’s try not to be one, okey-dokes?” love it! He is also my new favorite person.

Brooklyn Bread rocks! I interviewed Sprout Wellness today for my column “Love Thy Neighbor”, coming soon to a food store near you.

– Coffee roaster and barista school, Kitten Coffee. “But where’s the kitten? “I live with two of them,” says Tuckfield. “They are disloyal, unloving and they shed.” Can you imagine if I went to barista school and taste tested coffee all day? I’d be moronic.

– Sunset Park tasting tour.

– Little boy meets lobster. Let’s count how many wow’s come out of his little mouth.

– The American fast food syndrome. “As long as the food industry continues to succeed at imbuing their products with a particular sense of American authenticity, and as long as Americans continue to buy this image, while rejecting the organic, sustainable, and local food movement as part of some liberal agenda, we will remain a country in the midst of a dire health and food crisis.”

Hell’s Kitchen is apparently an up and coming neighborhood. I’ve been toying with the idea of moving back to the city. I guess I’ll be surrounded by sunless streets and bland apartment complexes. At least its a pretty decent foodie neighborhood.

– Take 3 photos and create a color mashup collage of sorts. Pretty nifty.

– Crowd-sourced to-do list.

DIY weddings.

– I’ll probably end up going to crif dogs tonight and begin a gluttonous obsession. ALSO, I heard Cafe Mogador, also on St. Marks in the city is coming to wburg. say what?!!

– How to pose for a chef photos. 4 out of 5 chefs are douchebags and you can tell by their chef photos.

– Ai WeiWei’s studio is torn down. Crazy.

– Sweet Deliverance came out with a cookbook. Sweeeeeeeet

– Hello Verizon. Goodbye AT&T.

Food competitions should not cost $35.

– Why Chinese mothers are superior. This baffles me: “Chinese parents can get away with things that Western parents can’t. Once when I was young—maybe more than once—when I was extremely disrespectful to my mother, my father angrily called me “garbage” in our native Hokkien dialect. It worked really well. I felt terrible and deeply ashamed of what I had done. But it didn’t damage my self-esteem or anything like that. I knew exactly how highly he thought of me. I didn’t actually think I was worthless or feel like a piece of garbage…Chinese parents believe that their kids owe them everything. The reason for this is a little unclear, but it’s probably a combination of Confucian filial piety and the fact that the parents have sacrificed and done so much for their children”

– I really like Opening Ceremony’s website and blog.

– Yay Max Fish is staying.

– Hyperrealistic paintings of women eating things in the bathtub and in bed. Weird.

– DIY rock salt.

– Tyler Green bashed by Jerry Saltz.

– Bloomberg was in Bermuda during the blizzard.

– Paul Thek show was unimpressive to me. My boy Martin has sound words in response which helps to understand Thek’s work a little more. Thanks Martin!

– What to eat for breakfast. And more on breakfast.

– 101 cookbook’s new cookbook.


– How to find your ideal desk height.

– Humboldt Squid.

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  1. Cristina R
    Happy pup. Though I really would have loved to see Mellow cuddled up next to her.

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