Reader: Jan 19, 2011

Is it really mid-January already?

Friskyscopes remind me that despite me being convinced I’m going insane I need to laugh it off and move on.

– Pretty stoked about Greenpoint CoWorking opening a communal workspace for lonesome freelancers.

– Ticketing cyclists in Central Park.

A restaurant that changes completely every 30 days. This sounds AWESOME.

– Please god don’t let me turn into a hoarder.

– She makes my blood curdle.

– Subway hotties.

– Saveur’s 100 tools and books.

Last suppers.

– Restaurants and their A grades.

Immaculate Infatuation‘s reviews are charming: “Just close your eyes and open your mouth…The ice creams make up for the baked sweets being kind of…whatever.”

– Tips for small indie businesses: defining your target market. Also, how to envision and set up your office space.

– Deitch condoms.Conceptions

– She & Him amidst modern furniture and design.

– Bloggers quit blogging.

– Trippy breathing therapy. “Basically, you breathe in huge amounts of oxygen very quickly, which takes your mind to an ecstatic place and supposedly helps you deal with a range of emotional and health issues.” Learn more about it from the Breath Guru.

– How to be a 20 something.

Brooklyn Brine, Brooklyn Salsa Company, and the Mast(erbation) Brothers Chocolate. Love it.

Duane Reade + Beer Bar + Brooklyn = mindfucking throw up everywhere.

– No, your zodiac sign hasn’t changed.

– Let the customer work with you.

– 5 quarterly food publications.

2010 Year in Food in Greenpoint Gazette including my dearly beloved Greenpoint Food Market.

Tech cleanse.

– Border Patrols instigate nightmares.


100 greatest headlines ever written.

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