Reader: January 20, 2011

– Pretty disappointed Saltz chose The Panorama of the City of New York at Queens Museum, which is outdated and irrelevant considering the context. Not to say I can do better, I’m just shittalking.

– Being the first to market anything rarely pays off. “…many entrepreneurs falsely assume that success lies in being the first to brave uncharted waters…it boils down to having a good strategy.”

Sriracha Honey Buffalo Wings.

– Touchy feely inspirational post.

– Modern Art Notes on VIP art fair, which I think is full of poo poo.

Lisa Congdon. Check out her Collection a Day series.

– Strand launched a new website! Don’t know why that gets me so excited. FYI, my birthday is coming up and ALL I WANT is a gift certificate to Strand, or Amazon so I appease my gargantuan book wishlist.

– NYC big deal book.

– I’d like a hot foreign pen pal please. I was actually thinking about pen pals and how it works in elementary schools these days, do they write via snail mail or emails?

Female butchers with a sustainable philosophy.

– How to start a food truck.

Lauren Edwards.

Communal dining can be annoying and invasive but it can also be refreshing change and opportunity. It all depends on who you end up sharing the table with.

– Make a daily profile photo for your fridge.

– This is a pretty silly contest but I would love to score tix to that dinner/show. I didn’t know it was $99! goddammit.

– Online arts reporting as performance art?

– Teased hair criminals. via c-monster

Six girls, one apartment. If you’re looking for a sexy pillow fight, look elsewhere.

– Google street view as art.

– She received death threats? good. “Chinese mothers are awesome at getting their kids to practice their instruments three hours a day, but suck at irony!”

– Loving the Williamsburg house built and lived in by artist Nicole Eisenman and partner Victoria Robinson.

– When is nude OK on facebook?

– I really like this building and is the only exception to my no-way-i’m-living-in-those-shitty-new-skyscraper-condo-buildings.


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