Dinner for Hyperallergic

A couple days ago I was made an irresistible, albeit nerve wrecking, offer to write about the Greenpoint arts scene for Hyperallergic. I’ve known wrtier & art critic Hrag since the haydays of when art blogging came to fruition in the early aughts and I’ve been a loyal fan of his writing and community building ever since. He and husband Veken started Hyperallergic 2 years ago and combined the best of blogs and magazines to form, in essence, a blogazine.

Hyperallergic ain’t your typical art blog with opinionated uninformed rants nor is it an art magazine inundated with jargon and self-officialdom. It’s full of provocative news and stimulating gossip in addition to reviews and interviews of the most important folks in the art world. I don’t know that I can match up to their criteria. I’m very nervous. Very. Very. Nervous. My writing process extremely differs when I write about art as opposed to reviewing some sort of food topic. It requires more brain power and a strenuous effort to be relevant, meaningful, neutral but with a strong voice of your own. I feel it requires a skillset that combines the elements of style and content that I haven’t quite achieved yet. Writing for my own blog is one thing, writing for any other publication is a whole new ballgame. But if I don’t take advantage of this now, when will I ever learn?

Hrag I do pray you will be patient and supportive as I try to master a writing style worthy of Hyperallergic. For anyone with tips and ideas regarding the Greenpoint arts community, whether its a new gallery or a funny performance, or any heart-wrenching story we can make fun of, then please send them along my way.

Hrag, Veken, and genius artist William came over for dinner last night, to discuss the prospect of my contribution amongst other art worldly things. These 3 men are most informed and critical, saavy and satirical of the ins and outs of the art world. I learned much and spent the evening listening, absorbing their knowledge more than yapping about shit I didn’t know about. It was comforting. They’re also serious goofballs and we chased our margaritas with a shot of tequila. Good times.

For dinner, I failed to take any pictures which is a great pity. I’ve distanced myself from the Canon G10, I’m sick of it and want a new camera. I want a Canon 5D. Someone get it for me so I can document my life and experiences better.

For appetizer we started with crackers and cheese, blueberries and the simplest Potato Leek soup. I added 3 whole dried red chiles to give it a kick. It worked.

The main course was a roast chicken with herbed butter which I’ve made a couple years ago and love its simplicity and juiciness. I roasted a medley of root veggies including beets, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, beets, and onions as a side which when infused with thyme made for a homey, comforting, and healthy dish. I wanted a creamy pasta to reflect the snowy weather’s need for sticky warmth and made creamy pasta. The sauce was as simple as chopping up garlic and adding creme fraiche and lemon juice. In the end it was a bit too lemony and not creamy enough but it hit the spot. For dessert I baked a few apples with brown sugar, butter and cinnamon and topped it with a scoop of ice cream. The crust-less-ness made it that much more healthy, I’d like to think.

Here’s to a future of many a more satisfying meals, art world jibber jabber, and thoughtful meaningful writing.


Potato Leek Soup (add 3 dry whole red chiles when adding broth)

Roast Chicken with Compound Butter and Herbs

Thyme Scented Roasted Vegetables

Creamy Pasta (I left out the Broccoli since there were already so many veggies being consumed)

Baked Apples (I just cut them in slices and baked them loose and spread on a baking pan)


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